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Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!
By: Matt Goto

Hollywood Stars are taking a backseat to the superstars taking over Los Angeles!

The city of Los Angeles is known for blockbuster movies, celebrity sightings and being the epicenter of the entertainment industry… But not far from the Hollywood Hills, performers will be arriving by the thousand to step under the lights to take center stage in front of an audience that cannot wait to see the show! They aren't actors or movie stars (yet) but the seasoned professionals I am talking about could easily star in their own action films. I'm talking about the all star cheerleaders and dancers attending the USA All Star Championships March 11-13th, 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center!

There are plenty of athletes that can leap, turn, tumble and stunt. But all stars take it to whole new level by putting on a 2 minute and 30 second show that includes a rigorous to do list of gymnastics, acrobatics and dance all while keeping entertainment values high. What these athletes do is not only extremely physical but it demands a high level of confidence and performance that takes years of competition experience to master and perfect! 
All Stars don't have the option to re-take a shot or call in a stunt-double, they have one opportunity to get it right. There are dozens of mistakes that happen on the performance floor, but most are covered by the quick thinking of the performers so the judges and audience members never notice! Sure, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift can perform in front of crowds in sky-high high heels- but how do you think they would perform standing with their feet in the extended arms of their background dancers?

What all star cheerleaders and dancers do is simply-put: super-human. And they do not seek an Oscar nomination or an Academy Award, instead they are competing for a coveted championship jacket. A symbol of success and achievement that most of Hollywood wouldn't understand. And for some of these performers, they may be cast to start in a new role if they receive a bid to compete at The USASF Cheerleading and Dance World Championship or The Summit Championships. I can see the headlines now, "Dancer takes the impossible climb" or "Cheerleader takes over the world."

Come see the performances that audiences will be talking about and join us at the LA Convention Center. Can't make it? No worries! Pop some popcorn and watch the weekend LIVE right here on Varsity.tv
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