10 Truths About A Cheerleader's Summer

10 Truths About A Cheerleader's Summer
You wake up, roll over and check the clock. It's 2 p.m. but you haven't a care in the world. Eyes half open, you scroll through social and summon the squad.

HELLO SUMMER, it's me!

Well, that's the drill for most. But around here, there's no time for resting. Here's what summer really means for cheerleaders:

Early mornings.

If sleeping in is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

It's time for cheer camp!

And a lot of camp prep.

No voice

That Spirit Stick isn't gonna earn itself!

Interesting tan lines

Thanks to hours of practice in the scorching sun.

A plethora of inside jokes

And special handshakes. Because you spend more time with your teammates than anyone else.

Pinterest is LIFE

Ain't nobody got time for that once the season starts.

Gym time

No matter how hard you try…you just can't stay away.

We'll call this…brainstorming

Usually complete with popcorn, candy and reality TV. You've got to plan 14 pep rallies and this atmosphere brings out your creative side.

Naps, naps, naps

Whenever and wherever you can get it.

Uni shopping

The struggle to find the perfect uni is so real. But also so worth it when your squad's the flyest in the game.

In the cheer world, summer's no joke. But we accept it and have fun as one big happy cheer fam. After all, champions are built in the off-season, amiright?

By: Allie Edwards
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