Top Moments With USA Cheer

Top Moments With USA Cheer
The U.S. National Coed Team is comprised of the most talented female and male cheerleaders in America. They compete at the International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championship each year in April where they recently won their 8th World Championship title.

These athletes have dedicated years of practice to follow their cheerleading passion and make it to the ICU World's stage. Find out from the championship athletes what it's truly like to compete for the stars and stripes on USA Cheer.

Raquel Black

Austin Peay State University, 1 year on Coed U.S. National Team

Being named a U.S. National Team member was a feeling like no other. It was literally a dream come true. When I saw my name on that very elusive list, I was both extremely proud to be chosen amongst the best in the nation, while being terrified of letting anyone down if I couldn't hack it. In the end the teamwork and the positivity from both coaches and teammates reminded me of why I started cheer to begin with and made me fall in love with cheer all over again.


Tucker Hunter

Oklahoma State University Alumni, 5 years on Coed U.S. National Team

It's extremely inspiring being around the high level of talent. Strangers from all different backgrounds and practice styles coming together to compete for a chance to be the best in the world. We overcome huge obstacles and are able to pull off insane skills with very few days of repetition. I have learned so much each year from being around all these great athletes and coaches and truly walk out as a better athlete every year.


Ben Ingallina

University of Alabama Alumni, 3 years on Coed U.S. National Team

Competing for the USA is a feeling of complete bliss. The biggest adrenaline rush that two minutes and thirty seconds can give to a human being. It goes by in the blink of an eye but after its over you are overwhelmed with the feeling of accomplishment. Being a member of the U.S. National Team makes me realized how blessed I am to compete in a sport I love and represent this incredible country we live in. It's so much larger than cheerleading. It's such a privileged to be a member.


Brittany Peters

University of Alabama Alumni, ​3 years on Coed U.S. National Team

Competing for the red, white and blue is a feeling that you can't compare to anything else. Pride, I think describes it best. I don't think you ever get used to the feeling you get when you put on that uniform and see USA written on your chest. Walking on to the mat, wearing that uniform and hearing the entire arena chant 'USA' is a feeling you will never forget. It is a pure honor to compete alongside so many great athletes from all over the country. Everywhere where you look you see one of the most talented athletes in the cheerleading world.


Ed Moroney

Weber State University, ​1 year on Coed U.S. National Team

My favorite memory from training was coming together in times of struggle to form such a tight bond even though we had a short time together. I loved seeing how the different cultures from different colleges all came together to make such an amazing routine. It is an honor to represent the Stars and Stripes while doing something that I love.


Jeremy Lumpkin

University of Kentucky Alumni, 3 years USA Coed, ​2 years USA Coed Partner Stunt

This year was a little more special because I came back after a 5 year break. It felt good to get out there in front of the coaches and be able to perform my skills as well as the other people that were selected. It is always an amazing experience to be able to wear our colors and do the thing I love the most. That moment you get to yell the words "Let's Go U.S.A... Red, White, Blue" and everyone in the crowd yells with you, is something most don't get to experience. The difference in the support we get from other countries is incredible. It's truly a humbling experience.


Millery Null

University of Alabama, 2 years on Coed U.S. National Team
Being able to represent the USA was something I had always dreamed of. When I was in high school, I remember asking Jeremy and Alli Lumpkin for a USA t-shirt. Alli said sure! But Jeremy looked at me and said "earn it." I never thought that I would be able to earn a shirt like that. Competing alongside so many amazing athletes from all over the country and being coached by some of the best coaches in the world is a feeling I can't put into words. I get chills when I think about my team and I standing on the podium again singing the National Anthem! It will never get old.

Alli Lumpkin

University of Kentucky Alumni, ​2 years USA Coed, ​2 years USA Coed Partner Stunt

To be wearing 'USA' on your chest, doing something you love, with the most talented cheerleaders in the WORLD by your side, is an experience unlike any other. BUT, being on the coaching side, I have experienced pride like I've never felt it before. In the short amount of time we have with these amazing athletes, to see where they start at the end of tryouts, to the moment they are competing for the gold medal, is a phenomenon. As a coach, it makes me so proud to see that. On the other hand, I believe it is mentally & emotionally harder being on the coaching side during the weekend of competition. You've seen the blood, sweat, & tears that have gone into the amazing routine & all you want is for the athletes to come off of the floor PROUD of what they've just shown the world. Having to sit back & pray for their light to shine takes a huge toll on the nerves!


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