Pep Rally Plan Like The Pros: Oak Ridge High School

Pep Rally Plan Like The Pros: Oak Ridge High School
Executing the perfect pep rally is like choreographing a great routine. You need smooth transitions, lots of creativity, and endless school spirit!

Oak Ridge High School has creating an engaging pep rally down to a science. Varsity TV got to attend the War Eagles' most recent pep rally in Conroe, Texas, and we are excited to announce these easy tips to help you begin planning pep rally's like a pro in your school!

1. Schedule It Out

Take some time in the weeks leading up to really plan out every detail of your pep rally. Most pep rallies only last about an hour, so write out a schedule so you can stay on track and can incorporate all the fun activities. Make copies of the schedule and pass them out to all the teams involved, the band, and the administration to keep everyone up to date on the plan.


2. Bring The Fun

A good pep rally is all about keeping students engaged and excited. Plan a theme, incorporate upbeat music, and schedule performances from the cheerleaders and dancers to keep the energy high throughout the entire pep rally.

Need help creating a fun pep rally theme? Check out the link below for some creative ideas!

Top 10 Best Pep Rally Theme Ideas


3. Get Students Involved

The student body will love watching performances from the spirit squad, but they want to get in on the action themselves! Get your fellow students involved by playing games and incorporating class yells.

Oak Ridge High School played games to help raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and gave out a spirit stick to the seniors for having the loudest and most exciting class yell. Think of unique ways to make everyone feel important and your pep rally is sure to be a hit!


4. Decorate!

Students see the same hallways day in and day out at school. Help reignite the school spirit by decorating your gymnasium with banners, streamers, and balloons. Transforming the location of the pep rally will help raise school spirit, build excitement, and make you forget about going back to class later!

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