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UCA Bluegrass Championship Junior High Results

UCA Bluegrass Championship Junior High Results
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Junior High Results

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Small Junior High | Large Junior High

Small Junior High

Rank Team Name NHSCC BID
1 Eastside Middle School X
2 Woodland Middle School X
3 Grassland Middle School X
4 Poplar Grove School X
5 Camp Ernst Middle School X
6 Edythe J Hayes Middle School X
7 Northern Middle School X
8 Pikeville JH School X
9 Jefferson County Traditional Middle School
10 Somerset Meece Middle School X
11 Zoneton Middle School X
12 Bowling Green JH School X
13 Leestown Middle School
14 Royal Spring Middle School
15 Burns Middle School
16 East Oldham Middle School

Large Junior High 

Rank Team Name NHSCC BID
1 Brentwood Middle School X
2 Clay County Middle School X
3 Barren County Middle School
4 Gray Middle School X
5 Barret Traditional Middle School
6 Spring Station Middle School X
7 Woodford County Middle School X
8 College View Middle School
9 Campbell County Middle School X
10 Louisa Middle School X
11 Wayne County Middle School
12 Oldham County Middle School

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