Meet The MAJORS: Woodlands Elite Generals

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Meet The MAJORS: Woodlands Elite Generals


It's time to meet the Woodlands Elite Generals. This small senior team is a BIG deal and has stolen the hearts of all stars fans across the country. Poised, passionate, and read to work, the routines this team puts on the floor always turns heads. Reserve tickets to the show today so you can see for yourself when they're live on stage!

When: January 20, 2017
Where: Indianapolis, IN | Indianapolis Convention Center

What is the MAJORS all about?

The MAJORS is the most selective all star cheer competition in the world. To be selected for this prestigious event, teams must be among the "Best of the Best" in the Senior Level 5 division. This event has set the standard in how a selective event should be run!

This event is an incredible showcase of the highest level of all star cheerleading. The MAJORS is a show unlike any other – for about three hours, the cheer world stops to watch this elite display of talent, skill, and sportsmanship. Over 5,000 spectators and thousands worldwide will watch these teams compete to be a MAJOR CHAMPION.

More information regarding The MAJORS 2017 visit For even more updates, follow us on Twitter @MAJORScheer!