2023 NCA Daytona Beach Classic

Insider Info: 2023 NCA Daytona Beach Classic

Insider Info: 2023 NCA Daytona Beach Classic

Everything you need to know to watch the 2023 NCA Daytona Beach Classic on April 10th on Varsity TV!

Mar 4, 2023 by Emory Fazenbaker
Insider Info: 2023 NCA Daytona Beach Classic

The 2023 NCA Daytona Beach Classic is back and we are headed to the Sunshine State once again to watch as teams from all over compete for the top spot. Teams are competing for bids, titles, and up to 500 points to The League! Stay up to date on how everything will unfold LIVE on Varsity TV! 

Who: All Star Cheerleaders 

When: April 2, 2023

Where: Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, FL

Watch: LIVE on Varsity TV

The League: 500 Points 

Rebroadcast: Watch HERE

Venue Insider

The 2023 NCA Daytona Beach Classic will be held at the Ocean Center! Daytona Beach offers world-class beaches, attractions, racing, and golf! Daytona is a place with a great number of places to eat before, during, and after the competition!

Can't make it to Daytona for the competition? No worries! Varsity TV has you covered and will be on-site to bring you the best coverage from the competition including a live stream, routine videos, the performance order, results, and more!

Bids Up For Grabs In Daytona

  • 5 Wild Card Bids to The Summit
  • 5 Wild Card Bids to The D2 Summit
  • 2 Wild Card Bids to The Youth Summit
  • Top 3 teams in all bid eligible divisions earn an At-Large Bid to The Regional Summit
  •  Golden Tickets to the U.S. Finals

The League by Varsity All Star

The League is the official points system for the sport of All Star cheerleading.

Every team who competes at a Varsity All Star Event this season will be included in The League. Team standings are determined by the Points System displayed here. At each Varsity All Star event your team completes, your team will earn points based on the assigned event and placement point value. 

At the end of the season, your top 5 Varsity All Star event scores will be used to calculate your final standing. In total, 120 winners will be recognized from 1st – 3rd place across each region. One champion will be crowned in each of the 5 regions across the 8 eligible divisions, meaning 40 champions will be awarded in total. Champions will win cash and prizes!

Click here to learn more about The League

500 Points Up For Grabs

    •    First-place teams will receive 500  Points for The League! 

Click here to view the full Points System breakdown.

Tune in to Varsity TV on April 2nd, to watch all the action live from the 2023 NCA Daytona Beach Classic!