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The League: NEW For 2023-2024!

The League: NEW For 2023-2024!

Check out the new updates for the 2023-2024 season of The League by Varsity All Star - the official points system for the sport of all star cheerleading.

Jul 11, 2023 by Arielle Dworetsky
The League: NEW For 2023-2024!

What Is The League?

The League by Varsity All Star is the official points system for the sport of all star cheerleading.  D1 & D2 teams are placed by their age group, based on the points they earn throughout the regular season. Standings update weekly on the Varsity TV Leaderboard.  At the end of the season, a team's best event placements are used to calculate their final standings. Winners are named both regionally and nationally and receive their share of $500k in cash and prizes!

NEW For The 2023-2024 Season

For the 2023-2023 season, there will be 42 eligible divisions broken down into the following groupings across the five regions. Regionally, the top 6 event point totals for each team will be tallied in the regional race.

Eligible Divisions For The League

D1 YouthD2 Youth
D1 JuniorD2 Junior
D1 SeniorD2 Senior
D1 Coed (Junior/Senior Combined)D2 Coed (Junior/Senior Combined)
League 6 - All GirlLeague 6 - Coed

Introducing The League 6!

New for this season, The League will now rank Level 6 Worlds divisions separately for both All-Girl and Coed teams in their own points races! The Level 6 teams are now eligible to go head-to-head throughout the season to earn League points during the season and see who will finish on top of The League Standings.

700 Point Events:

This season The League will feature five designated Super Nationals events in each region that will each be worth up to 700 points. 

  • Northeast: Spirit Cheer Super Nationals
  • Midwest: JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals
  • Southeast: CHEERSPORT National All Star Cheerleading Championship
  • Southwest: NCA All-Star Nationals
  • West: USA All Star Nationals

The League Points System For 2023-2024

Event Placement700 Point League Event600 Point League Event500 Point League Event400 Point League Event300 Point League Event
Point Difference2526272829

Check out The League Standings to see how teams faired in the inaugural season of The League!