2023 UCA Sevierville Showdown

Insider Info: 2023 UCA Sevierville Showdown

Insider Info: 2023 UCA Sevierville Showdown

Everything you need to know to watch the 2023 UCA Sevierville Showdown on December 2nd and 3rd on Varsity TV.

Nov 22, 2023 by Joe Harrington

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The 2023 UCA Sevierville Showdown is coming up and all star teams in the Southeast are preparing to show up and show out! You can watch all the action live on December 2-3rd on Varsity TV!

What To Know About The Sevierville Convention Center

The UCA Sevierville Showdown is being held in the Sevierville Convention Center in Sevierville, Tennessee, the hometown of the famous Dolly Parton! 

For directions & parking information to the convention center, visit here.

Things To Do In Sevierville, Tennessee

Sevierville is a popular spot for shopping- with two of the largest shopping malls located nearby. With almost 120 stores, this could be a great stop for some after-competition celebration! 

Looking to fuel up on some food before or after the competition? From cheesesteaks to buffets, Mexican, and more, there is a restaurant for every appetite located in Sevierville! Find 10 of the best restaurants near the convention center here.

Sevierville is only a short drive away from one of Tennessee's most famous cities, Pigeon Forge! You can visit the Hollywood Wax Museum, explore SkyLift Park, or hit the Pigeon Forge Parkway for any food, shopping, or fun you can think of!

How To Watch the 2023 UCA Sevierville Showdown

The 2023 UCA Sevierville Showdown is streaming live on Varsity TV. Replays of the event will be available the next day. 

2023 UCA Sevierville Showdown Results. 

Results for the 2023 UCA Sevierville Showdown will be available here.

2023 UCA Sevierville Showdown Schedule

The schedule for the 2023 UCA Sevierville Showdown will be available here. 

The League by Varsity All Star

The League by Varsity All Star is the official ranking system for the sport of All Star cheerleading, changing the conversation from “Who won the weekend?” to “Who ranks at the top this season?” 

Every team who competes at a Varsity All Star Event this season will be included in The League. Team rankings are determined by the Points System displayed here. At each Varsity All Star event your team completes, your team will earn points based on the assigned event and placement point value. 

At the end of the season, your top 5 Varsity All Star event scores will be used to calculate your final rank. In total, 120 winners will be recognized from 1st – 3rd place across each region. One champion will be crowned in each of the 5 regions across the 8 eligible divisions, meaning 40 champions will be awarded in total. Champions will win cash and prizes!

300 Points Up For Grabs 

First-place teams will receive 300 Points for The League! Here is the full Points System breakdown.

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