2024 The West Regional Summit

Insider Info: 2024 The West Regional Summit

Insider Info: 2024 The West Regional Summit

Everything you need to know to watch The West Regional Summit 2024 on Varsity TV on April 13-14.

Apr 3, 2024 by Matt Cannizzaro
Insider Info: 2024 The West Regional Summit

The West Regional Summit is part of The Regional Summit Championships – one of five regional events, actually – joining the Northeast, Southwest, Southeast and Midwest competitions, which are being held across two weekends in April. 

Last year, The West Regional Summit was held in Anaheim, California. 

Throughout each season, All Star teams in eligible divisions can earn bids to the Regional Summit events. By having multiple competitions, teams are able to compete for the title of Regional Summit champion as close to home as possible. 

Click HERE for the Regional Summit Championships Information Guide. See the bid distribution for this season.

The prestigious events give the athletes an opportunity to bring an unforgettable end to the cheer season. 

Enjoy complete coverage of The West Regional Summit, as standout teams from Division I and Division II go head-to-head with their sights set on the coveted titles and obtaining points to The League through this special end-of-season competition!

Who: All Star Cheer Teams
When: April 13-14, 2024
Where: Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix
Watch: LIVE on Varsity TV
Rebroadcast: Watch HERE
The League by Varsity All Star: 300 Points Up For Grabs

What To Know About The Phoenix Convention Center

The West Regional Summit visits the Phoenix Convention Center in 2024 and gives competitors and their guests another opportunity to explore and enjoy downtown Phoenix.

The Phoenix Convention Center is just a few miles from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and surrounded by thousands of hotel rooms. 

The venue is a regular host of sporting events, shows, concerts, performing arts, meetings, expos and more. It features more than 725,000 square feet of event space across three main buildings/halls. 

HERE is a facility guide, plus transportation and parking information. 

Check out this great video about the experience you can expect at the Phoenix Convention Center:

Things To Do In Phoenix

Click HERE to learn more about Phoenix (the fifth-largest city in America) and all the amazing things to do there.

The area boasts more than 325 days of sunshine each year, so hopefully enjoying a sporting event or another outdoor activity is on your to-do list. 

That said, if you’re a baseball fan, you’re in luck – the Arizona Diamondbacks, who played for the National League pennant in 2023 – will be in action during The West Regional Summit. You can catch a game against the St. Louis Cardinals (April 12, 13, 14) or stick around and see the Chicago Cubs (April 15, 16, 17).

That’s not all there is to do in downtown Phoenix, however. There’s also live music, rooftop lounges, museums, galleries, theaters, coffee shops, history, culture and more than 200 restaurants. 

Plan to stay close to downtown and need some help getting around? Check out these helpful links: Online Map | Visitor Center | FAQ 

Want to venture out and enjoy something else – attractions, sporting events, amusement parks, shopping, nightlife, tours, golf? Here is a list of things to do in the area.

Phoenix also is becoming a foodie destination with influence from the Southwest itself, plus Mexican, Native American and Sonoran culture. This maybe hasn’t always been the case, but the scene is evolving. This list of restaurants will help get you started.

Need a car to get around Phoenix? Visit Avis!

How To Watch The West Regional Summit 2024

The 2024 edition of The West Regional Summit will stream LIVE on Varsity TV.

The rebroadcast will stream on Varsity TV on a delay of 24 hours.

If you’re going to be in Phoenix and want to see the event in person, keep an eye on this page for spectator and ticket information.

The West Regional Summit 2024 Results

Results for The West Regional Summit 2024 can be found here.

The West Regional Summit 2024 Schedule

The schedule for The West Regional Summit 2024 can be found here.

The West Regional Summit Past Results


The League by Varsity All Star

The League by Varsity All Star is the official ranking system for the sport of All Star cheerleading, changing the conversation from “Who won the weekend?” to “Who ranks at the top this season?” 

Every team that competes at a Varsity All Star Event this season will be included in The League by Varsity All Star. 

Team rankings are determined by the Points System displayed here. At each Varsity All Star event your team competes, your team will earn points based on the assigned event and placement point value. 

At the end of the season, your five best Varsity All Star event scores will be used to calculate your final rank. 

In total, 120 winners will be recognized from first to third place across each region. One champion will be crowned in each of the five regions across the eight eligible divisions, meaning 40 champions will be awarded in total. Champions will win cash and prizes!

Click here to learn more about The League

300 Points Up For Grabs In Phoenix

Click here to view the full points system/breakdown.

Tune in to Varsity TV on April 13-14 to watch all the action live from the 2024 edition of The West Regional Summit in Phoenix!