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Meet The 2024 League Regional & National Race Champions

Meet The 2024 League Regional & National Race Champions

Season 2 of The League by Varsity All Star presented by Corkcicle has officially come to a close. Take a look to meet all the winners across the League.

Apr 16, 2024 by Amber Salas

Season Two of The League by Varsity All Star presented by Corkcicle has officially come to a close! All season long, talented All Star cheer teams competed for points at competitions across the nation. They competed in their own regional races, as well as on the uncapped D1 & D2 National Race. 

Season Two of The League brought some exciting new additions. This season, a designated Super Nationals event in each region was worth 700 points. 

  • Spirit Cheer Super Nationals (NE)
  • JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals (MW)
  • CHEERSPORT Nationals (SE)
  • NCA All-Star Nationals (SW)
  • USA All Star Nationals (W)

Additionally, the top 6 event point totals for each team were tallied up in the regional race. There were 42 eligible conferences broken down into the following division groupings across 5 regions:

  • D1 Youth
  • D2 Youth
  • D1 Junior
  • D2 Junior
  • D1 Senior
  • D2 Senior
  • D1 Coed (Junior/Senior Combined)
  • D2 Coed (Junior/Senior Combined)

Season Two also introduced the all new League 6 Race bringing two new conferences to the League: The League 6 All Girl & The League 6 Coed. 

Take a look at the winners in each League Regional Race, National Race & The League 6: 

The League 6 Coed: Woodlands Elite Gunsmoke

League 6 Coed: Woodlands Elite Gunsmoke

The League 6 All Girl: East Celebrity Elite Bombshells

League 6 All Girl Champions: ECE Bombshells

D1 National Race: The Stingray All Stars Bad & Boujee 


D2 National Race: Victory! All Stars Steel


The League Regional Races:  

D1 Senior: 

  • Midwest: GymTyme Illinois Lady Red 
  • Northeast: A-List Athletics Showtime 
  • Southeast: The Stingray All Stars UV 
  • Southwest: Woodlands Elite - Katy - Admirals 
  • West: South Coast Cheer Scarlet 

D1 Junior:

  • Midwest: GymTyme Illinois Snap 
  • Northeast: A-List Athletics Miss 6
  • Southeast: Designer Athletics FEND1 
  • Southwest: Woodlands Elite - Katy - Spartans 
  • West: Rival Athletics Revenge 

D1 Youth:

  • Midwest: GymTyme Illinois Candy Girls
  • Northeast: Upper Merion All Stars Crystals 
  • Southeast: ATA Neon
  • Southwest: Woodlands Elite - OR - Stealth 
  • West: Rival Athletics Storm 

D1 Coed:

  • Midwest: GymTyme All Stars Smoke
  • Northeast: A-List Athletics Iconic 
  • Southeast: The Stingray All Stars Moonlight 
  • Southwest: Woodlands Elite - OR - Colonels 
  • West: Rival Athletics Carnage 

D2 Senior:

  • Midwest: Off Main All Stars Intensity 
  • Northeast: York Elite All Stars Senior Legacy 
  • Southeast: Cheer Xcel Lady Reign 
  • Southwest: Thunder Elite Cyclones
  • West: Desert Elite Mavericks Rogue 

D2 Junior:

  • Midwest: Off Main All Stars Heat
  • Northeast: Quest Athletics Generals 
  • Southeast: Georgia All Stars J-Fab 
  • Southwest: Thunder Elite Surge 
  • West: South Bay Cheer 360 Heatwave 

D2 Youth:

  • Midwest: Element Elite Tumbling & Cheer COBALT 
  • Northeast: Evolution Cheer Teal Riot 
  • Southeast: JAM Athletics Pink Army Reloaded 
  • Southwest: Thunder Elite Voltage 
  • West: West Coast Fame All Stars Cheer BOMBSHELLS 

D2 Coed:

  • Midwest: TAI Eruption
  • Northeast: East Jersey Elite Code Black 
  • Southeast: Georgia All Stars Notorious 
  • Southwest: Cheer Town USA INFERNO
  • West: West Coast Fame Allstars Cheer MAFIA 

Full League Standings can be found here.

Watch The Season 2 League Awards Show here: