It's Officially Summer & We're Ready For Some Fun In The Sun!

Today is the first official day of summer, and if you're like me, you've started a new habit of taking naps in the afternoon and you've already watched Gossip Girl on Netfilx... twice. But this summer will be different. It's time to get out there and make some memories, plan some adventures and enjoy some much needed time off. Are you with me? LET'S DO THIS!

Grab a pen and paper -- we're about to make this your best summer yet!

1. Plan a pool party with your team

Summer is the perfect time to get together with your new teammates and have some fun! Grill some hamburgers, ask everyone to bring their favorite side dish, and let the party begin. Set up some games like water volleyball, or pool handstand contests complete with prizes to encourage team bonding.

2. Slip & Slide

No pool? No problem! Head to your local retail store and pick up a slip and slide. As soon as you take one turn down the waterway, you'll be ready to go again! Use inner tubes as toboggans to mix things up. Just be sure the ground is free of rocks or hazards.

3. Go to a drive-in movie

Classic drive-in theaters are few and far between, but search your surrounding areas for an outdoor big screen! Watching movies outside on a warm summer night and enjoying some popcorn, a milkshake and soda will be a perfect start or end to your summer.

4. Ice cream social #chill

If you insist on binge-watching your favorite shows don't do it alone! Invite over your friends or team for an ice cream social! Ask each person to bring toppings like gummy bears, chocolate chips, snicker bars, fruit and flavored syrups. Create an intermission for an ice cream social and chill!

 5. Do something good for the community

Even the smallest act of kindness can make a big difference. Host a canned food drive or donate bottles of water to a nearby homeless shelter. Visit a nursing home or take toys to an orphanage. Use your time in the summer to do something that helps people in need and set an example for the rest of the community clubs and sports teams. UCA is encouraging teams to take action and "Team Up 4 St. Jude" as a team this summer. It's time for your team to get involved!

6. Make homemade popsicles

Cool off with a sweet treat and get in a serving of fruit while you're at it! Try some of these delicious, fruity recipes: watermelon popsicles, fresh fruit popsicles, orange creamsicles.

7. Finish a book (and make a resolution to read more)

Fight off the urge to stay hooked to the television and pick up a good book! Find a comfy spot like a hammock outside or a beanbag in the sunroom to relax and free your mind of worry. Reading will give you a chance to use your imagination and develop characters and scenes of your own as you follow the storyline. Not much for books, pick up the summer issue of American Cheerleader Magazine!

8. Complete a Pinterest project

During the school year completing project seems impossible. Now that you've got a break, complete those unfinished projects and find some new ones to tackle! Here are a few fun DIYs you should try: string cactus, magazine silhouette, arrow art.


Get out there and enjoy your summer. Plan a summer bucket list and make the most of your time off before you're swamped with practice, banner duty and games. Good luck and share your summer plans with us in the comments below!

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