2017 NCA All-Star Nationals

NCA All-Star Level 3 Youth Results

NCA All-Star Level 3 Youth Results

Welcome to the NCA All-Stars Level 3 Youth Results page!

Feb 20, 2017 by Varsity TV
NCA All-Star Level 3 Youth Results
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Level 3 Youth Results

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L3 Small Youth | L3 Large Youth

L3 Small Youth

Rank Team Name City State
1 Stars Vipers Hydra 3 Schertz TX
2 Intensity Athletics Electric Youth Murrieta CA
3 Prodigy All Stars Electric Houston TX
3 New Jersey Spirit Explosion Burn Cinnaminson NJ
5 Champion Cheer Caliente Southlake TX
6 ICE Sunshine Girls Aurora IL
7 Cheer Central Suns Dazzle Englewood CO
8 Cheer Athletics- Frisco NovaCats Frisco TX
9 Woodlands Elite Phantom Oak Ridge North TX
10 Laredo All American All Stars Cosmic Rays Laredo TX
11 Paige's Dance&Cheer Studio - SPiCE All-Stars Cobalt New Iberia LA
12 Planet Cheer Electra Forney TX

L3 Large Youth

Rank Team Name City State
1 Cheer Athletics Lions Plano TX
2 Tribe Cheer Braves Oklahoma City OK
3 Woodlands Elite Lieutenants Oak Ridge North TX
4 Louisiana Cheer Force Peach Baton Rouge LA
5 Infinity Allstars Youth Clovers Jacksonville FL
6 All-Star Revolution Conquer Houston TX