2017 NCA & NDA Collegiate Nationals

U of L Small Coed Took It Back!

U of L Small Coed Took It Back!

University of Louisville takes back the title in the Small Coed division at NCA College Nationals 2017.

Apr 6, 2017 by Varsity TV
U of L Small Coed Took It Back!
U of L take it back!
After an exciting weekend of competition, University of Louisville not only claimed a title in the D1A All Girl division, but also in D1A Small Coed!

In Prelims the Cards were in third place behind Oklahoma State University who sat in second while North Carolina State ranked number 1. The Wolf Pack couldn't hold their placement and fell to third place in Finals leaving the top spot open for U of L. This division seems to be grooming very talented teams who know how to put on a show.

Congratulations to all who competed!

Final Ranking & Final Score:
1. University of Louisville 95.73
2. Oklahoma State University 95.47
3. North Carolina State University 94.53
4. Georgia Institute of Technology 93.48
5. Clemson University 92.73
6. Marshall University 89.78
7. Boston College 88.30

Prelim Ranking & Final Score:
1. North Carolina State University 95.15
2. Oklahoma State University 95.07
3. University of Louisville 95.03
4. Georgia Institute of Technology 92.90
5. Clemson University 91.83
6. Marshall University 87.73
7. Boston College 86.08

Watch Louisville's Prelim performance: