2017 The D2 Summit

Make Way For Superstar Athletics VIP: D2 Summit

Make Way For Superstar Athletics VIP: D2 Summit

Superstar Athletics VIP heads to Orlando, FL to compete for the first time at The D2 Summit on May 12-14, 2017!

May 10, 2017 by Varsity TV
Make Way For Superstar Athletics VIP: D2 Summit
We are excited to make our gym and local community proud!
A new name is coming to the Small Senior Level 4 division at The D2 Summit in Orlando, FL, this weekend. VIP from Superstar Athletics is the first team from Centre, PA, to receive a bid to The D2 Summit and they're honored and excited to represent the area.

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Since earning their bid, VIP has added extra practices on the weekends and extended practice times an additional hour to focus on conditioning for the big event. When they saw their name appear on the Summit Bid Reveal video, the entire program went crazy with excitement! Head coach T.J. Banas said that it was the greatest feeling to know that all the hard work and dedication of the team and coaches paid off.

Everyone in the gym supported the team as we all understood how great of an accomplish this was. It also motivated the girls on and off the team to work extra hard.
VIP is feeling confident in their team tumbling section. It's set them apart from local programs all season and is one part of their routine they've focused on perfecting.

Focusing on progressions helps push our program to perfect the process, which helps to ensure our athletes safely as well as produce some amazing cheerleaders and routines. We are all about the climb!

The ladies of VIP at one last practice before heading to Orlando for The D2 Summit.

Before taking the mat, VIP has a special competition ritual. They circle up and focus on the "right here and now." They look each other in the eyes and say "last time" because they always treat each and every competition as their last.

Superstar Athletics is ready to leave it all on the mat with hopes of seeing a Day 2 at D2 Summit! Watch VIP take the climb LIVE from Orlando, FL, on Friday, May 12th-Sunday, May 14th!

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