2017 JAMfest Europe

JAMfest Europe: Level 3 Results

JAMfest Europe: Level 3 Results

JAMfest Europe 2017 Level 3 results.

Jun 19, 2017 by Varsity TV
JAMfest Europe: Level 3 Results
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Level 3 Results

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Junior Small 

Ranking Team
1 Scorchers
2 Velocity Cheer Academy

Junior Large

Ranking Team
1 Rising Stars
2 Casablanca Cheer

Senior Small

Ranking Team
1 Fame All Stars
2 Cheer Force Knights
3 Pixies Cheer
4 Wild Spirit Allstars
6 Ultimate Storm Cheer

Senior Large

Ranking Team
1 Crimson Heat Tigers
2 Champion Dance and Cheer
3 Saints Elite
4 Cheer Valley
5 Star Spirit

Senior Small Coed

Ranking Team
1 Zodiac Allstars
2 Gymfinity Sports Academy
3 Cheer Evolution

Senior Large Coed

Ranking Team
1 Strike Force Allstar Cheer
2 Cheer Force Knights