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First-Time Cheerleaders Win The Summit!

First-Time Cheerleaders Win The Summit!

First-year cheerleaders from Top Gun JWON take home a Summit title!

May 8, 2018 by Varsity TV
First-Time Cheerleaders Win The Summit!

Winning first place at The Summit is something every cheerleader dreams of. Earning a bid to even compete at this prestigious end-of-season event is a feat.

But the young athletes on Top Gun All Stars JWON proved that you can accomplish even the biggest of dreams if you only dare to make the climb.

The Medium Junior 1 team is filled with first-time cheerleaders who have never competed until this season. This past weekend, they won The Summit.

JWON's coach, Adrian Butler, couldn't be more proud and amazed by these first-time cheerleaders and their accomplishments.

"It’s been such a great season for them," Butler said. "From showing them the ropes of [all star] cheerleading and getting them to understand the competition aspect to watching them give it their all, it has been absolutely amazing."

If the athletes on JWON could win The Summit in their first year competing, imagine what they will accomplish next season!

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