67 Small Youth Level 1 Teams Compete For A Spot In Finals

67 Small Youth Level 1 teams have prepared all season long for their moment to compete in Semi-Finals at The D2 Summit 2018. The Small Youth Level 1 division is the largest division at The D2 Summit 2018. This division is stacked with talent and creative choreography.

The division kicks off at 8:30 AM ET in Arena North and will go all the way through 6:51 PM ET. In 2017, the Small Youth Level 1 division had not one, but TWO Champions. Corona Star's Cheer - Silver Stars and POWER Fresno - LADY PREMIERE tied for first after putting on two show-stopping final performances.

Triple Threat All-Stars - MAGIK, Triple Crown Elite - Queen of Hearts, Cheer Craze All Stars - Purple Poison and Dream Team All-Stars - Believe were the four Wild Card teams from this division to advance straight to Finals. There are still a maximum of 14 spots up for grabs and the 67 teams competing today are all looking to earn their position in Finals.

Watch the full division LIVE from Arena North Saturday May 12, 2018 and tune in at 8:45pm for the Varsity Reveal in Champions Stadium to find out which of these 67 teams will make the ultimate climb in Finals on  Sunday May 13, 2018 in Arena South from 9:30 AM-11:46 AM ET!

Small Youth Level 1 Semi-Finals Performance Order

DivisionTeam NameCompetition Time
SY 1 #1East Coast Extreme Allstars - Youth Lightning8:30 AM
SY 1 #2Diamond Elite - Diamond Elite8:38 AM
SY 1 #3Allstar Panthers - Crush8:46 AM
SY 1 #4Central Missouri All Stars - Intensity8:54 AM
SY 1 #5Cheer Nation Athletics - Halos9:02 AM
SY 1 #6Dreamz Elite Allstars - Dream Girlz9:10 AM
SY 1 #7Hawaiian Heat All Star Cheerleading - Wildfire9:18 AM
SY 1 #8Legion of Allstars - Code Red9:26 AM
SY 1 #9Michigan Storm Cheer and Dance - Ice Queens9:34 AM
SY 1 #10Northern Lights All Stars - Twilight9:42 AM
SY 1 #11Pro Cheer Xtreme - Emerald Rays10:00 AM
SY 1 #12Thunder Extreme - RainDrops10:08 AM
SY 1 #13Xtreme Cheer - Revenge10:16 AM
SY 1 #14Cheeriffic Allstars - CCA Boss Ladies10:24 AM
SY 1 #15Corpus Christi All Stars - Mako Sharks10:32 AM
SY 1 #16Evolution Cheer - Teal Fury10:40 AM
SY 1 #17Riot Cheer All Stars - Rockstarz10:48 AM
SY 1 #18Victory Cheer - Vision10:56 AM
SY 1 #19West Coast Fame Allstars - PHOENIX11:04 AM
SY 1 #20Corona Stars Cheer - Galaxy11:12 AM
SY 1 #21California Pride - Black Ice11:30 AM
SY 1 #22Venom Elite All Stars - Pink Poison11:38 AM
SY 1 #23Thunder Elite - Lady Burn11:46 AM
SY 1 #24Premier Cheer - Premier Cheer Jags11:54 AM
SY 1 #25North Central Athletics - Legacy12:02 PM
SY 1 #26Maine Coast Athletics - Fame12:10 PM
SY 1 #27Mississippi Spirit - Royalty12:18 PM
SY 1 #28Cheer Alliance - Covergirls12:26 PM
SY 1 #29Big 10 Cheer - Royalty12:34 PM
SY 1 #30Advanced Cheer Crew - ACC Royalz12:42 PM
SY 1 #31California Flyers - Flying Angels1:30 PM
SY 1 #32CheerXperience - Halo1:38 PM
SY 1 #33Emerald Academy - Angels1:46 PM
SY 1 #34Hot Shots of Fort Oglethope - Pearls1:54 PM
SY 1 #35Legendary Athletics - Obsession2:02 PM
SY 1 #36Luxe Cheer - Heirs2:10 PM
SY 1 #37Just Cheer All Stars - Fury2:18 PM
SY 1 #38G-Force All Stars - Velocity2:26 PM
SY 1 #39CTA Highflyers - Starstruck2:34 PM
SY 1 #40Cheer Legacy Allstars - Glamour2:42 PM
SY 1 #41Cheer Coast Tropics - RipTide3:00 PM
SY 1 #42Beach Elite Cheerleading - Rush3:08 PM
SY 1 #43Crowned Elite Athletics - Sassy Sapphire3:16 PM
SY 1 #44Empire Elite All Stars - Dream3:24 PM
SY 1 #45Pacific Elite Cheer - Riptide3:32 PM
SY 1 #46Rah Elite Allstars - Storm3:40 PM
SY 1 #47The Cheer Connection - TCC Energy3:48 PM
SY 1 #48Airborne Elite All Stars - Renegades3:56 PM
SY 1 #49Koach All Stars - Revival4:04 PM
SY 1 #50One Elite All Stars - One Destiny4:12 PM
SY 1 #51Savannah Sharks - Blacktips4:20 PM
SY 1 #52United All Stars - Hiss4:28 PM
SY 1 #53World Class All Stars - Legacy4:36 PM
SY 1 #54Gymnastics of York Elite - Jade4:44 PM
SY 1 #55Texas Empire - Fury5:15 PM
SY 1 #56Mystiq Jewels Allstars - Youth - Citrine5:23 PM
SY 1 #57Elite All Stars - The Fierce's 1's5:31 PM
SY 1 #58Douglasville Cheer Stars - Twilight5:39 PM
SY 1 #59Colorado Elite All Stars - Frost5:47 PM
SY 1 #60Arizona Spirit - G Force5:55 PM
SY 1 #61TKO MD All-Stars - RUBIES6:03 PM
SY 1 #62Oshkosh Jets - Flare6:11 PM
SY 1 #63Turners All Stars - Fuchsia6:19 PM
SY 1 #64Eastside Edge - BlackOut6:27 PM
SY 1 #65Las Vegas Elements - Whirlwind6:35 PM
SY 1 #66Starstruck - Starstruck Showstoppers6:43 PM
SY 1 #67Texas Storm Athletics - Thunder6:51 PM

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