University of New Mexico


Albuquerque, New Mexico


Head Cheerleading Coach: Madison Baumann

Coach's Contact Info:  

Phone: (505) 925-5905


Head Dance Coach: Madison Baumann

Coach's Contact Info: 

Phone : (505) 925-5905




Team Colors: Cherry and Silver

Team Mascot: Lobos

Sports Conference: Mountain West Conference

Programs Offered: Large Coed Cheer, All Girl Cheer, Dance Team, Mascot.

Social Media Handles: 


Scholarships Offered: Yes

Cheer Scholarship Details: Book scholarships are offered to each spirit program member each semester.

Dance Scholarship Details: Book scholarships are offered to each spirit program member each semester.

Mascot Scholarship Details: A book stipend is offered to each member of the spirit program each semester. Mascots also earn a $500 stipend each semester.



Tryout Dates: April 2019 

Tryout Requirements:

  • Tumbling - All tumbling must be performed safely without a spotter. In addition to the requested skills, we will ask you to perform
    your most difficult tumbling passes.
  • Stunting - All stunting must be performed with a potential member of the University of New Mexico Cheer team attending the tryouts. For the All-Girl team, applicants can tryout for multiple stunting positions of your choice (base, back or top). We are looking for strength, technique and body awareness in stunting in addition to the execution in the loads and dismounts of the skills. If a female applicant is trying out for All Girl and Coed, she must tryout with each team’s requested skills.

All Girl Tryout Requirements:

Preferred Tumbling Skills: Standing Back Tuck, best standing pass, round-off back handspring back tuck, best running pass

Required Stunting Skills: Pre-determined stunt sequence (given to you before tryouts), Stretch full down and optional stunt showcasing back skill to a 540 (Either an arabesque, skater, or scorpion)

Preferred Stunting Skills: Full up and double down, transitional skills

Coed Tryout Requirements:

Coed Female Preferred Tumbling Skills: Standing Back Tuck, best standing pass, round-off back handspring back tuck, best running pass

Coed Males Preferred Skills: Standing Back Tuck, best running pass

Required Stunting Skills: Pre-determined stunt sequence (given to you before tryouts) and two optional stunt sequences

Preferred Stunting Skills: Stretch or Arabesque full down


Tryout Dates: April 2019

Required Skills:

A la seconde turns (6 sets of 8, minimum)
Single leg-hold turn
Turning toe touch
Triple/Quad+ pirouettes (in various leg and arm placements)
Leg extensions (Assisted tilt, tilt, needle, etc.)
Assisted penché
Leap variations (leap to second, surprise leap, grande jeté, reverse leap, etc.)
Pirouettes into leg skills, jumps, and leaps

Preferred Skills:

Front/Back Walkover
Double/Triple leg-hold turn
Various tumbling skills (back handspring, front/back tuck, etc.)
Toe Rise
Straight leg scorpion


Tryouts: April 2019

Mascot Program Information:

The UNM Spirit Program mascots consist of Lobo Louie and Lobo Lucy. Louie and Lucy are a sibling pair of Lobos that entertain fans at each home game. Mascots travel to UCA Collegiate camp, away football games, the Mountain West Basketball Championships and Post Season Tournaments and games. This past season Louie was able to compete with the Coed cheer team at the UCA Collegiate Game Day Championships.


Competition Involvement: Coed, All Girl squads and the mascot program compete at the UCA & UDA College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship in Orlando, FL. 

Program National Championship Titles:

All Girl UCA Partner Stunt National Champions: 2007

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