5 Reasons To Grab A VIP Ticket To The MAJORS 2019

Big news, all star cheer fans! VIP tickets for The MAJORS 2019 go on sale October 15!

There will be approximately 250 VIP tickets up for grabs, and you don’t want to miss out claiming your ticket to one of the most awaited competitions of the season.

So, what’s a VIP ticket?

New this year, The MAJORS will be releasing two kinds of tickets: VIP and regular. 

While both ticket types will guarantee you a reserved seat in The MAJORS arena, the VIP ticket will allow the purchaser additional benefits.

 VIP Seats are located in the rows closest to The MAJORS stage and offer the best views when you want to get up close to the performing teams! 

VIP ticket holders can attend portions of Thursday night activities with the #MAJORS19 athletes, attend Friday morning practices, and will receive an exclusive MAJORS t-shirt as well as other swag and memorabilia as a part of their VIP experience.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have five more reasons you want to grab a VIP ticket to The MAJORS 2019!

1. Front-Row Seat To Some Of The Most Elite Level 5 Teams!

The MAJORS is the most selective all-star cheer competition in the world. To be selected for this prestigious event, teams must be among the "best of the best" in the Level 5 division.

Eight of the teams performing either globed or won gold at The Cheerleading Worlds 2018, so you are guaranteed to see some incredible talent on stage.

2. The New Division!

The MAJORS announced big news this summer: the addition of the Junior Combined division! This is the first time Junior teams will ever take The MAJORS stage. 

Get excited to see Cheer Extreme Junior Crush, The Stingray Allstars Green, and Woodlands Elite Colonels.

3. Watch Each Routine TWICE!

As a VIP ticket holder, you get exclusive access to practice on Friday morning. This gives you a chance to view the final practice of every team before the show begins.

4. A Chance To Witness Cheer Athletics Greatness.

The Cheetahs from Cheer Athletics are going for their eighth straight MAJORS win. The Large Coed team has gone undefeated at The MAJORS for the past seven years. Can they continue the streak in 2019? View their performance from one of the seats in the house!

5. A Chance To Meet Your Favorite #MAJORS19 Athletes!

VIP ticket holders can attend portions of Thursday night activities with the #MAJORS19 athletes. Who wouldn't want a chance to grab a selfie with your favorite all star athlete?

VIP Tickets will go on sale Monday, October 15  at 3 PM ET and will remain on sale until they sell out (and they will sell out quickly).

Regular Tickets will go on sale Friday, November 23 at 12 PM ET and will remain on sale until they sell out. The last day to purchase your ticket online and ensure deliver via USPS would be December 31, 2018.

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