New Season, New Division: Spirit Athletics Ricochet

At the 2018 UCA Bluegrass Championship, many All Star teams took the mat on Sunday for a chance at a UCA title early in the season. One particular team took the stage with a different goal in mind, and they succeeded!

Ricochet from Spirit Athletics competed in the Senior Level 5 division, but as an exhibition team. This was the first performance of the year for the team and their coach, Jenna McGovern couldn’t be more proud.

“We were very happy with their first performance in front of a crowd,” McGovern said. “We know we have a lot of cleaning up to do and some difficulty to add in before December, but today was a great starting point for our season!”

WATCH Spirit Athletics Ricochet's performance from UCA Bluegrass


This is Spirit Athletics’ eighth season with a Level 5 Worlds team, but their first season with Ricochet in the Medium Coed division.

“Our goal for this season is to always be getting better! Give it 110 percent and turn some heads in the Medium Coed division this year!”

McGovern says this performance was really important to her team to get out in front of a crowd for the very first time.

“We always preach to the athletes, ‘Take pride in what you’re doing, and do whatever it is to the best of your ability.’ Today they did that and we are proud!”

Varsity TV: What were you telling your team before they took the mat?

Coach Jenna McGovern: “Stay calm, be confident and talk to each other! Taking the floor as 28 individuals is a lot harder than taking the floor as ONE team! Work together, believe in your teammates and believe in yourself!”

“Thanks to Varsity Fashion for the beautiful new uniforms we debuted today. They were just as show stopping as our athletes were today!” - Jenna McGovern

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