CHEERSPORT Nationals 2019 Gold Bid Recipients

U.S. FInals Medal Champion.jpg

The teams listed on this page are our special GOLD BID winners! GOLD BIDS are the most prestigious bids that can be earned to The U.S. Finals! 

They are awarded to one of the highest scoring eligible teams at U.S. Finals qualifier events throughout the season. This award entitles the recipient the ability to attend any U.S. Finals location for as little as $100* per team.

Congratulations to the teams receiving a Gold Bid to The U.S. Finals at CHEERSPORT Nationals 2019!

Division Name 
Mini Prep 1.1Rockstar Cheer Atlanta South: Bee Gees
Senior Prep 2.1Rockstar Cheer Atlanta South: Designer
International Junior 1Brandon All-Stars: Sparks
International Junior 2FAME All Stars-VA Beach: Royals 
International Junior 3Rockstar Cheer Charleston: Wonders
International Junior Coed 4ICE: Rays
Youth Recreation 1Sharon Springs Falcons: L1- Youth- Traditional 
Senior Recreation 2Albany Elite Tiger Paws: L2-Senior-Club
Senior Recreation 3Our Lady of Lourdes Academy: Lourdes Academy 
Tiny 1 D2Island Allstars: Tiny Cadets
Mini Small 1Rock Solid All Stars: ANGELS
Mini 2Infinity Allstars: Mini Majesty 
Youth Medium 1 The Stingray All Stars: Kiwi 
Youth 1 Small BRockstar Cheer Atlanta East: VIP's 
Youth 1 Small BBrandon All-Stars: Emeralds 
Youth Small 2 Division BTop Gun All Stars: Y2K
Youth Small 2 Division BSpriit Of Texas : Purple Hearts
Youth Small 2 Division A ACX Prada-G
Youth Small 3 Brandon All-Stars: Rose
Youth Small 3 Cheer Athletics -Charlotte: Princess Cats
Youth 4Cheer Extreme- Raleigh: Youth X Sharkbites
Junior Small 1 D2Myrtle Beach Allstars: Rip Curl
Junior Small 1 Division AStar Athletics: Junior Chrome 
Junior Small 2 D2 Division CCE All Stars: Junior Rain
Junior Small 2 Division BThe Stingrays Allstars: Suns
Junior Small 2 Division BSpirit Of Texas: Purple Diamonds
Junior Small 2 Division CPremier Athletics- Nashville: Empire
Junior Small 3 D2 Division ACheer Nation Athletics: Heirs
Junior Medium 3 Division ARockstar Cheer: Kiss
Junior Medium 3 Division AATA: Steel
Junior Small 3 D2 Division CCE All Stars: J-Thunder
Junior Medium 4The Stingrays All Stars: Platinum
Junior 4 D2 Cheer Craze All Stars: JBAE
Junior Small Restricted 5Cheer Factor: JUNIOR X
Junior Large Restricted 5The Stingrays All Stars: Royal
Junior Coed Large 5The Stingray All Stars: Green
Junior 5Spirit of Texas: Junior Royals 
Senior 1The Stingrays All Stars: Rock
Senior Small 2 Division BCheer Express Allstars: Senior Heat
Senior Small 2 Division ABrandon All Stars: Cocoa
Senior Coed Small 3The Stingray All Stars: Navy
Senior Coed Small 3Rockstar Cheer: Smashing Pumpkins 
Senior Medium 3Diamonds All Stars: Bombshells 
Senior Small 3 Division BStar Athletics: Senior White
Senior Small 4 Division ABrandon All Stars: Sapphire
Senior Small 4 Division ACheerForce San Diego: Wrath 
Senior Medium 4 Division ASpirit of Texas: Royal Queens
Senior Small 4 Division BGymTyme All-Stars: Diamonds
Senior Open 4Rising Stars: Blackout
Senior Medium 4.2Dynasty Spirit Elite All Star: RED FLAMES
Senior Medium 4.2Cheer Athletics -Pittsburgh: IronCats 
Senior Small 4.2Team Illinois Cheer: Orange Obsession 
Senior Restricted Coed Large 5Spirit of Texas : Royal Guns
Senior Restricted Coed Small 5 Division ADiamonds All Stars: Black
Senior Large Restricted 5The Stingray Allstars: Combat

To view the full list of 2019 Gold Bid Winner visit The U.S.

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