2019 NCA All-Star Nationals

Lady Bullets Are Coming Up!

Lady Bullets Are Coming Up!

You don't want to miss The California All Stars Lady Bullets take the mat for Day 1!

Mar 2, 2019 by Varsity TV
Lady Bullets Are Coming Up!

Last year at the 2018 NCA All-Star Nationals, The California All Stars Lady Bullets placed in the top five with zero deductions on Day 2! They’re back this year in the Level 5 Senior Small division, and they have high goals in mind.

“Our goal for the weekend is to hit both days with exquisite execution, high energy and jaw dropping performances,” said Marlon Biete. On Day 1 of 2018, the team received a small deduction, but they’re bound to reach their goal this season at the 2019 NCA All Star Nationals!

The coaches have been focusing on the little things when it comes to the routine and they believe that is a strength of theirs! “I would say our strength is the cleanliness and performance,” said Biete. “We spend A LOT of time training the details and technique of every section and skill.”

Lady Bullets began a tradition back in 2011 when a team chant was created by previous coach Matthew Parkey. The team does the spell out chant before they take the warm up floor and before full outs back at their gym. They even incorporated the chant into their music this season in hopes to hear the entire crowd interact back with them!

“It is very similar to the University of Louisville chant,” said Biete. “It is a piece of the team that makes them feel proud to be who they are and it reminds them of the rich legacy this team holds.”

This competition is important to the team because it gives them the opportunity to compete against the best of the best!

“This is going to show who has the competitive grit and who truly wants it. We are very excited to see what these girls put out there on the mat!” -Marlon Biete

Lady Bullets took home the NCA All Star title in 2012! Will they work their way back to the top this season and reach their goal of two zero deduction routines? Watch them take the floor at 3:37 PM CT in the Arena to find out!

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