2019 NCA All-Star Nationals

Watch Cupidcats Take The Mat!

Watch Cupidcats Take The Mat!

Don't miss the Cupidcats from Cheer Athletics Columbus take the mat!

Mar 2, 2019 by Varsity TV
Watch Cupidcats Take The Mat!

Cheer Athletics Columbus is taking on their third year as a program and the Level 4 Small Junior team Cupidcats are back and determined to be successful at the 2019 NCA All-Star Nationals!

Coach Ryan Dickison says the biggest things that set the team apart are their unique formations and stunt entries. “We always try to keep the audience captivated and entertained!” Said Dickinson.

Cupidcats strengths this season lies within their tosses, tumbling and performance! “The kids have taken a particular interest in making sure these aspects of their routine are technically sound and you can really tell they are enjoying what they do when they’re on the mat,” said Dickinson.

The team has a fun story they have carried with them throughout the season. Check it out!

“Us coaches are very superstitious and when anyone says something that everyone is thinking, but shouldn’t really say out loud, we always say “go knock on wood.” Said Dickinson. “So before our first nationals this season, the kids thought it was necessary to get a piece of wood, draw eyes and a mouth on it, and make him our unofficial mascot.”

“Everyone signed it and he has the dates of each zero deduction routine we have hit at each competition. He’s our lucky piece of wood we always have handy in case we need to knock.”

While the Cupidcats love to have fun, they also know when to be serious because this particular competition is important to them for two reasons! “One is the amount of high level competitors we get to go against,” said Dickinson. “Winning any division at NCA is truly a great accomplishment for any team and when our kids earn it, it’s a feat they can really be proud of for the rest of their lives.”

“The second thing is having the opportunity to unite all of our locations at one competition and get to experience the whole CA family!” Said Dickinson.

Cupidcats has yet to take home an NCA All Star title, however the team has done well each year at the competition. Will this be the year they make their way to the top? Find out at 2:40 PM CT in Hall-B when they take the floor for Day 1!

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