Bay State Is Back And Stronger Than Ever!

Bay State All Stars has not attended Reach The Beach Nationals in many of years, but this season they are back with 11 strong teams ready to take on the competition!

“Our routines are more flashy this season than in years past,” said Matthew Holdridge. “I believe that a strength of our entire gym is that our coaches are all willing to help one another and each and every team.”

“We don’t focus on one single team, we focus on making sure that everyone is the best that they can be so that they can be as successful as possible,” said Holdridge. “Win or lose we want them to feel successful coming off of the mat.”

“If they feel like they did everything they could and gave it 110% no matter what we will always be happy with that!” -Matthew Holdridge

Each individual team is different in their own way! “All of our teams have their own story and their own goals that they wish to accomplish from one year to the next,” said Holdridge.

This competition is special to the program because it is the last competition that the teams will all be together as a program. “As the season is quickly coming to a close its our last big competition other than Worlds and Summit where all of our teams will be together competing at their last big 2-day event,” said Holdridge. 

The coaching staff at Bay State is special in the way that nearly every staff member cheered for the program before they were a coach. “We all know how to work so well together because we have been in each others lives for so long,” said Holdridge. “We believe that our staff are great examples to our younger athletes of where they can be in years to come.”

"We have found over the years that our absolute best coaches are the ones that come from within our program.  If they believe in the same things that you do, they will pass that love and passion on to the generations to come which will continuously create a great culture within our gym." -Matthew Holdridge

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