Luxe Cheer Legacy Advances Straight To Finals!

The Wild Card round of The D2 Summit 2019 kicked off today in Orlando, Florida and teams are working hard to perform their best and earn a spot in Finals on Sunday. 

Luxe Cheer Legacy took the mat this morning in the Small Junior Level 4 division and the Oklahoma team hit zero and is advancing straight to Finals!

There were 19 teams in the division and only five advanced on to Finals. Legacy is advancing out of the Wild Card round in second place with a score of 97.17! 

“We are so excited; I literally can’t even explain how excited. We knew it was going to be a tough fight,” explained Luxe Cheer Owner Cathryn Weeden. “Our goal was to make it to Finals, and we took a Wild Card bid and that Wild Card round was tough. I mean, there were some really great teams in it so knowing that we made it to Finals is phenomenal.”

“We’re on top of the world right now!”

Luxe Cheer has been attending The D2 Summit since the inaugural championship in 2016 in Tampa, Florida.

Since that first championship, the small gym community has grown tremendously and so has their love for this special end of season event.

“The D2 Summit is such a celebration of our gym size and the community.” 

“I think D2 is so unique and so special because It’s incredibly supportive,” explained Weeden. “Everyone knows they are kind of on the same playing field and there is so much 'cheering each other on'. Everyone is so welcoming here, the D2 Summit is phenomenal, and it’s grown, it’s big! Anyone who thinks this is not hard is crazy because these D2 gyms have progressed phenomenally in these past four years.” 

[WATCH] Luxe Cheer Legacy


Luxe Cheer now has one team with a guaranteed spot in Finals but regardless of the Final placements, the gym has set a program-wide goal for the weekend.

“Our goal is to hit zeros,” shared Weeden. “We can’t control the scoring and we can’t control how the end of the day works out, but we can control our zeros. We have three teams, potentially six routines if we all make it through and our goal was zeros across the board and so far, we are two for two.”

Be sure to tune in to Varsity TV all weekend long to cheer on Legacy and the other two teams from Luxe Cheer as they make the climb at The D2 Summit 2019!

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