2019 America's Best National Championship

Cheer St. Louis Majesty Is Back At ABKC!

Cheer St. Louis Majesty Is Back At ABKC!

Cheer St. Louis Majesty is back at America's Best National Championship and they're looking to claim a Paid bid to The Summit 2020!

Dec 8, 2019 by Varsity TV
Cheer St. Louis Majesty Is Back At ABKC!

Cheer St. Louis Majesty out of O’Fallon, Missouri is back at the 2019 America’s Best National Championship! Majesty took on the Level 4 Senior division and they’re back for Day 2 and ready to leave it all out on the floor.

The team has been around for six years and is coached by Ricky Schulte and Heather Koch. Majesty did not make an appearance at America’s Best National Championship last year, but they’ve returned this season and have a few goals in mind. 

“We’re back because we want to compete against the best!” said gym owner Karrie Tumelson. “The level of competition encouraged us to return!” 

At this competition, Majesty has a goal of completing two routines that they know they are capable of, and putting on a show! “We want to continue to drive our score,” said Tumelson.

The Level 4 team performed a strong and entertaining routine on Day 1, but they have one more performance left this weekend! Cheer St. Louis Majesty takes the mat at 7:24 PM, so don’t miss the action.

Majesty has already claimed a Wild Card bid to The Summit this season, but they have bigger goals set. “The team has a goal to receive a Paid bid to The Summit,” said Tumelson. “We want to strive to continue to improve ourselves in every opportunity we have together. We want to make Finals at The Summit!” 

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Be sure to watch Cheer St. Louis Majesty take the floor tonight at 7:24 PM in the Senior Level 4 division, and if you can’t watch in person, you can watch it LIVE on Varsity TV!