Everything You Need To Know: UCA & UDA College Game Day Championship!

Friday is all about game day! Collegiate spirit squads will bring their sideline game day traditions and showcase them center stage in the UCA & UDA College Game Day Championship in Orlando, Florida.

It's the third year Game Day will take place at the UCA & UDA College National Championship, and the divisions are growing! The 2020 UCA & UDA College Game Day Championship will begin on Friday at 10 AM ET with Semi-Finals for the Dance Game Day divisions in Arena South and Semi-Finals for the Cheer Game Day divisions in the HP Field House.

Finals for all divisions will take place on Friday in Arena South and you can watch it all LIVE on Varsity TV!

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Teams competing in the division will take their sideline traditions to the mat to display how they lead their community and fans at their schools.

During the championship, teams will perform their traditional school's fight song, a situational sideline, and a game day timeout. The athletes are encouraged to use signs, flags, megaphones, and poms to encourage the crowd to cheer along. 

The preparation for the championship started at UCA & UDA College Spirit Camp this summer where spirit squads learned a game day timeout routine, prepared a sideline, and perfected their school’s traditional fight song. 

The order for the Game Day Championship will be random based on the audio cues.

Each performance is limited to three minutes and should include skills that influence crowd participation. Teams of up to 30 athletes will be evaluated on their ability to lead the crowd, proper game day skill incorporations, execution of skills, motion technique, and the overall routine.

2019 Cheer Game Day National Champions

DIA Coed – University of Central Florida

DIA All Girl – University of Nevada – Las Vegas

Open Coed – University of Delaware

Open All Girl – Hofstra University

2019 Dance Game Day National Champions

DIA Dance – University of Nevada – Las Vegas

DI Dance – Grand Canyon University

Open Dance – University of Central Oklahoma

Watch Highlights From The 2019 College Game Day Championship!


These spirited divisions are a must watch! From the spirited traditions to the exciting crowd involvement, cheer along and get ready for one incredible day full of performances. The 2020 UCA & UDA College Game Day Championship will begin on Friday at 10 AM ET right here on Varsity TV!

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