All Or Nothing: Desoto Central

All Or Nothing: DeSoto Central (Documentary Details)

All Or Nothing: DeSoto Central (Documentary Details)

Desoto Central is the two-time defending national champions in the Super Varsity Game Day division and they're back and ready to give it their all!

Apr 15, 2020 by Varsity TV
All Or Nothing: DeSoto Central (Documentary Details)

The UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship is where the best of the best go head to head for a chance at a national title. The two time Super Varsity Game Day national champions, Desoto Central High School, are back at the competition looking for a three-peat.

The team didn’t perform their best at the 2019 UCA Dixie Championship regional competition earlier on in the season, and they’re determined to not fall short in their own game again.

The team is familiar with the feeling of winning after winning the Super Varsity Game Day division in both 2018 and 2019. No one has ever received back-to-back-to-back titles in the prestigious division, and Desoto Central is going for the three-peat!

Documentary Details

The team arrives in Orlando, Florida for the 2020 UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship, the competition they’ve been preparing for all season long. They head straight to practice after leaving the airport to add a few finishing touches to their hopeful national title-winning routine.

It’s the start of a long day and the team knows what they have to do in order to come out on top for the third time in a row. They head to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and run through their routine one final time before taking the warm up mat.

The team has never had an issue with not making finals, but a mistake in their Preliminary routine could hold them back. The two-time defending national champions had hopes of advancing straight through to Finals, but their chances aren’t looking good after their first performance of the day. 

Could this be it for Desoto Central? Will the three-peat streak be broken or will they rise to the occasion and make history in the Super Varsity Game Day division? Tune in to the Varsity TV documentary All Or Nothing: Desoto Central, premiering Wednesday, April 22nd!

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