Beyond The Routine: CJA Bombshells

Tune In To The CJA Bombshells Film Watch Party!

Tune In To The CJA Bombshells Film Watch Party!

Watch Beyond The Routine: CJA Bombshells for FREE on Varsity TV July 9th at 7 PM CST!

Jul 1, 2021 by Varsity TV
Tune In To The CJA Bombshells Film Watch Party!

We have got exciting news for all star cheer fans! Varsity TV's newest documentary Beyond The Routine: CJA Bombshells will be released Friday, July 9th at 7 PM CST, and you can watch the four-episode series for FREE! After the watch party, only premium subscribers will have access to the film, along with many more. So be sure to tell your friends, family, teammates and coaches about this exciting opportunity!

After the release of the documentary, we'll hear from CJA gym owner and coach Patty Ann Romero, and be sure to stick around because we have a special announcement to make for all star cheer fans after the conclusion of the show! 

About The Documentary

The Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells have always been a crowd favorite in the Senior XSmall division, but in 2021 they took on Senior Open! For the first time in history, the NCA All-Star National Championship turned virtual for the health and safety of athletes around the country due to COVID-19, but that didn't stop Bombshells from striving for a goal they had in mind. 

Varsity TV's newest documentary, Beyond The Routine: CJA Bombshells, follows the team through their 2021 NCA All-Star Virtual National Championship experience! The competition is known for its flashy lights, roaring crowds, and loud music. The NCA All-Star atmosphere is unmatchable, but with the competition going virtual, will the team struggle to perform their best or will they rise to the occasion? 

Only you can follow the team behind the scenes on July 9th starting at 7 PM CST SHARP! Mark your calendars and get ready for a fun night!

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