2021 NCA All-Star Virtual National Championship

Meet Oderaa From CJA Bombshells!

Meet Oderaa From CJA Bombshells!

Meet Oderaa Okereke from the CJA Bombshells!

Jul 8, 2021 by Varsity TV
Meet Oderaa From CJA Bombshells!

The Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells are made up of incredible athletes, but not all of them have lived in New Jersey their whole lives. Oderaa Okereke was a huge asset to the team last season and it was her first year a part of the CJA family!

Oderaa's parents are originally from Nigeria and Germany, and Oderaa was born in Germany. She moved to New Jersey when she was just four years old and has been there the past 20 years! 

"My biggest supporter is my dad. He may not know much about cheer or american sports but he has always pushed me and cheered me on in his own ways." -Oderaa Okereke

Oderaa's story about how she got involved at CJA is unique! Oderaa cheered in college with a former CJA athlete, Cherese Jackson, who was on Open Fire at the time. Cherese invited Oderaa to a practice and the rest is history!

"After being hesitant because of my age and other commitments, I decided to give it a try," said Oderaa. "I was so excited and nervous because all of the athletes were AMAZING but they all welcomed me with open arms as family. Just a few practices in, I was asked to fill in for Bombshells which later became a permanent fill in."

Oderaa says the atmosphere at CJA played a big role in her decision to join Bombshells! Although her time at CJA was short, it impacted her life in a big way.

"What pulled me in was the insane talent, the phenomenal coaches, and the atmosphere in all!" says Oderaa. "If anything is keeping me in New Jersey, it would be CJA. I would want my future kids to experience this awesome program. I would have never realized my potential as an athlete and even as a person if it was not for every coach in that CJA gym. CJA will always play a big role in my life as a woman. I don't think anyone can say I am the same person prior to starting CJA. I joined at a vulnerable time in my life and everyone in that establishment has contributed to the woman I am TODAY."

Since joining Bombshells, Oderaa has accomplished a lot and has taken big steps towards her future!

"I AM A WORLD CHAMPION." said Oderaa. "I never thought in a million years I would say that. I learned to side base! (I have been a backspot all of my cheer career). I moved into a beautiful apartment in May 2021. I got a job offer where I am blessed to work from home and spend time with my dog. I got into another graduate program."

Although we won't see Oderaa on the mat next season, we can't wait to see what she accomplishes next!

Varsity TV's newest documentary, Beyond The Routine: CJA Bombshells debuts tomorrow starting at 7 PM CST. Be sure to tune in to follow Oderaa and the Bombshells during their NCA All-Star experience! 

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