2021 Stars Vipers Showcase #1

Insider Info: 2021 Stars Vipers Showcase

Insider Info: 2021 Stars Vipers Showcase

Everything you need to know to watch the teams from Stars Vipers at the 2021 Stars Vipers Showcase LIVE on Varsity TV on November 6, 2021!

Nov 3, 2021 by Leanza Pieroni
Insider Info: 2021 Stars Vipers Showcase

You are in for an exciting weekend of all star action as Varsity TV gets set to bring you an exclusive first look at the new routines from all your favorite Stars Vipers teams!

For the first time ever, Varsity TV will be live streaming the Stars Vipers Showcase on November 6th, and fans can tune in for an exciting day of coverage including interviews, articles, routine videos, and MORE! 

The talented teams from the Stars Vipers Schertz and Katy locations will all be coming together to kick off their season as a program so be sure to mark your calendar and get comfy for an exciting showcase! 

Who: 20 Stars Vipers Teams From The Schertz and Katy Locations

When: November 6, 2021

Where: Stars Athletic Training Center in Schertz, Texas

Watch: LIVE on Varsity TV

Tune In LIVE, Here's Why:

The Stars Vipers Showcase kicks off on Saturday morning starting at 11 AM CT. The first team to make their debut will be Fang Gang followed by the Fab Fangs and Rosy Boas.

After the Prep & Novice teams take the mat, it will be time for the All Star Elite teams from Stars Vipers to showcase their new routines.

Rounding out Session 1 will be two must-watch teams. Pythons and Pure Poison are both reigning NCA All-Star and Regional Summit Champions and they are sure to put on a show!

Session 2 of the 2021 Stars Vipers Showcase will begin promptly at 2 PM CT with Queen Boas making their debut.

Don't go away because the action is just getting started as Stars Vipers' L4 Junior Small team Boomslang will be showing off their hard work at 2:20 PM. Boomslang is always a strong contender in Level 4 and last season they took second place at The Summit in the L4 Junior Large division.

Cobras, Stars Viper's newest team will be making their season debut at 2:30 PM CT in the L5 Senior Open Coed division. Cobras is made up of some of the gym's most talented athletes so we can promise you don't want to miss their performance.

Saturday will be full of exciting routines so don't miss out on your chance to watch the 2021 Stars Vipers Showcase LIVE right here on Varsity TV!