Secrets To Success

The Secrets To Success: University Of Minnesota

The Secrets To Success: University Of Minnesota

Learn about the "Goalden Culture" that comes with the University of Minnesota cheer program.

Jul 13, 2022 by Emory Fazenbaker
The Secrets To Success: University Of Minnesota

Year after year, certain programs flourish and remain on top in their divisions. This new summer series called Secrets To Success is meant to highlight those teams, and dig deeper into the blueprint for creating such accomplished squads.

The University of Minnesota is widely recognized as having the longest-standing tradition of cheerleading. After Johnny Campbell invented cheerleading in 1898 at the institution, the program has continued to strive for the highest standards. The Gophers are known for their electric game day atmosphere in all parts of their spirit program. The dance team has achieved 19 UDA National Championships and 3 ICU World Championships representing the USA, while their mascot “Goldy Gopher” has brought home 4 UCA National Championships as well.

Whether they’re cheering in front of 50,000 fans at Huntington Bank Stadium or on the court at Williams Arena, the Gophers find it the greatest honor to wear the “M” across their chest. Competing in the game day division at UCA College Nationals has allowed the Gophers to share their contagious school pride and culture with the cheer community. It allows the team to fully embrace their Minneapolis traditions and provides a great representation of what it means to be a student-athlete. Even though the athletes are presented with numerous opportunities, remaining focused on being the best student you can be is the number one priority. 

From the beginning, the squad focuses on sharp motions and cleanliness of game day skills when they start training in the summer. The Gophers even have an annual Spirit Squad Retreat weekend, which is key for the development of team bonding, program culture, and learning the rich traditions of “Ski-U-Mah.” 

“Within our spirit program, we finish every practice with a break on Pride, Pride, Pride. This symbolizes pride for yourself, pride for your team, and pride for your University. There’s something special about the sense of community you feel in Minnesota.” - Daniel Weaver

The Gophers are concentrated on being in an environment where their athletes have room to grow and love the process of becoming better. The constant drive to be in a positive and hard-working setting helps create a “Be Goalden” culture. It is necessary in order to push past the tough times throughout the season. The University of Minnesota seeks for each of their athletes to be in the right mindset on the mat, in school, and as an individual. 

The team this year is made up of mainly younger athletes and veterans who have only been through one full year in the program because of the pandemic. As the standards have continued to rise, the empowerment of newcomers finding their voice and stepping into leadership positions has Minnesota expecting a bright future! The Gophers are excited and eager to stick to the grind and bring the energy to Orlando this 2022-2023 season. 


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