2019 NCA All-Star Nationals

2019 NCA All-Star Nationals

Mar 1-3, 2019
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Original Documentaries

Varsity TV is bringing you unprecedented access inside the spirit and all star programs  A growing library of original films featuring untold stories of the transformative athletes, teams, and programs in cheerleading and dance including:

All Star Cheerleading

Woodlands Elite Generals & Black Ops: Beyond The Routine (2016) Trailer | Episode 1 | Episode 2

California All Stars SMOED & Stingray Peach: Beyond The Routine (2016) Trailer | Episode 1 | Episode 2

World Cup Shooting Stars & Maryland Twisters F5: Beyond The Routine (2017) Trailer | Episode 1 | Episode 2

Stars Vipers Queen Cobras: Beyond The Routine (2017) Trailer | Episode 1 | Episode 2

School Cheerleading & Dance

University of Tennessee: It's Game Day (2016) Trailer | Full Episode

Clemson University: It's Game Day (2016) Trailer | Full Episode

Ohio State University Cheer: Building The Buckeyes (2017) Trailer | Full Episode

University Of Kentucky Dance: Decide To Rise (2017) Trailer | Episode 1 | Episode 2

Texas Tech University: It's Game Day (2017) Trailer | Full Episode

Oak Ridge High School: Team Up For St. Jude (2017) Trailer | Full Episode

U.S. National Teams

U.S. All Girl National Team: Going For Gold (2016) Trailer | Episode 1 | Episode 2

U.S. Coed National Team: Going For Gold (2017)  Trailer | Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3

College Staff

Making The UCA & UDA College Demo (2017) Trailer | Episode 1 | Episode 2

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Welcome to the 2019 NCA All-Star Nationals event hub! Here you'll find the very best coverage of the competition including a live stream, the performance order, results, photos, articles, news, and more! 
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