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Completed, Jan 27, 2018

Welcome to the 2018 The MAJORS event hub! Here you'll find the very best coverage of the competition including a live stream, the performance order, results, photos, articles, news, and more!

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The MAJORS 2018 Results

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Senior Large Results

Large All Girl

*Highest scoring division of The MAJORS 2018

1World Cup Shooting Stars
2Cheer Extreme Senior Elite
3Cheer Athletics Panthers — MAJOR Tumbling Award
4Stingray All Stars Orange
5Maryland Twisters F5 — Best Sportsmanship Award

Large Coed 

1Cheer Athletics Cheetahs — St. Jude Champion Supporter, MAJOR Building Award, Overall Highest Score
2Top Gun TGLC
3Stingray All Stars Steel
4ACE Warriors
5Cheer Extreme Coed Elite