Going For Gold: USA All Girl | Season 1 (Episode 2)

Going For Gold | Season 1 (Episode 2)

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As the dominant team in the Premier all girl division, the USA National Team is home to America's top female athletes in the prime of their cheerleading career. Hundreds of athletes from across the nation try out for an opportunity to compete at the highest level of cheerleading on the planet and represent the United States at the ICU World Cheerleading Championships. Only 36 athletes are selected for the team and of that group, 24 make the mat.

In the first episode we followed the training, tribulation and triumphs of the athletes and watched as the coaches narrowed down the team and selected 24 of the team's 36 members to compete. In the final episode of Going for Gold, we caught up with the team in Orlando, Florida just days before competition. Join us as we go beyond the routine to see first-hand what it's like to put together and compete one of the most difficult all girl routines of 2016 in just a few days.