The 2019 MAJORS Teams Announced!

We can’t contain our excitement any longer, it's time to meet the 26 teams who will make up The MAJORS 2019

2019 marks the eighth season for The MAJORS and we’ve got some MAJOR news for you.

Six brand-new teams will take to The MAJORS stage across four different divisions. That’s about 175 athletes who will experience The MAJORS for the very first time!

Get ready to see some returning favorites, new teams, and for the first time ever, a Junior division. The 2019 MAJORS will be the largest it has ever been!

Meet The MAJORS 2019

Small Senior

  • Cheer Extreme - SSX
  • Woodlands Elite - Generals
  • ICE - Lady Lightning

Small Coed

  • Brandon All-Stars - Senior Black
  • Prodigy All Stars  - Midnight
  • Woodlands Elite - Recon

Medium All Girl

  • FAME All Stars - Super Seniors
  • Top Gun All Stars- Lady Jags
  • Spirit of Texas - A-Team
  • East Celebrity Elite - Bombshells

Medium Coed

  • Maryland Twisters - Reign
  • Spirit of Texas - Royalty
  • Woodlands Elite - Black Ops

Large All Girl

  • World Cup - Shooting Stars
  • Cheer Athletics - Panthers
  • Cheer Extreme - Sr Elite
  • Stingray Allstars - Orange 
  • Maryland Twisters - F5

Large Coed

  • Cheer Athletics - Cheetahs
  • Top Gun - TGLC
  • Stingray - Steel 
  • ACE - Warriors
  • Cheer Extreme - Coed Elite

Junior (Combined) - NEW DIVISION

  • Cheer Extreme - Crush
  • Stingray - Green
  • Woodlands Elite - Colonels

Included in the Medium all girl team list is FAME All Stars Super Seniors, the highest-scoring Senior Level 5 team from JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals 2018. Earning the highest score secured Super Seniors an automatic in at The MAJORS 2019!

New To The MAJORS? Here's The Scoop:

The MAJORS is the world's most selective competition, bringing together the best of the Senior Level 5 division in all star cheerleading. Teams are selected based on a variety of criteria including past placements during the previous season, depth in the division, history in the division, and strength of competition schedule.

The MAJORS will take place on Friday, January 18, 2019, in Indianapolis in conjunction with JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals. Tickets will go on sale in the fall and, as always, it will be a sell-out crowd! 

If you can’t make it to Indy to watch The MAJORS in person, you can watch the entire competition LIVE on Varsity TV starting at 7 PM ET. 


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