CheerForce Nfinity Honors Fallen Athlete With Moving Performance

This Sunday, CheerForce San Diego honored a fallen athlete with an incredible display of courage, resilience and solidarity at the Spirit Sports: Duel In The Desert competition in Palm Springs, CA.

On Saturday, tragedy struck and CheerForce San Diego athlete, Kenrod James, sadly passed in a car accident traveling home from the event. James competed with his team, CheerForce Nfinity, earlier that day.

As the somber news spread Sunday morning, the coaches and athletes from CheerForce San Diego announced they would continue on and perform for Day 2 of the competition.

Nearly a half hour before the team took the mat, the Palm Springs Convention Center began to swell with hundreds of spectators, family, friends, coaches, and athletes eager to show their support.

The atmosphere was indescribable. Chants of 'CHEERFORCE' thundered well beyond the walls of Hall B. Cell phone flashlights sparkled, filling the darkness and emphasizing the impressive size of the audience that had gathered. 

CheerForce Nfinity - Spirit Sports Day 2 Performance


But nothing rivaled the passionate, emotional performance from CheerForce Nfinity.

The roar of the crowd was incredible and the team's tribute to their teammate will be forever in the hearts of those who were there to witness it.

Varsity All Star and Spirit Sports are deeply saddened by the loss and our hearts are with Kenrod's family, friends, and the entire CheerForce community.

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