First Look: Varsity All Star Level Legacy 2019 Scoring Rubric

The return of Varsity All Star Level Legacy is just around the corner and we can't wait to see some of the top All Star Cheerleaders compete to see who is the best in the world in their Level.

Varsity All Star Level Legacy is a 4-week individual skills challenge for All Star cheerleaders Levels 1 through 5. Starting on September 9th, each week, we will upload new level-specific standing and running tumbling challenges on Monday and the athletes will have until that Sunday to submit their best video. 

A talented panel of judges will evaluate each submission and score appropriately from this score sheet. Once judged, athletes will be ranked in order by level right here on Varsity TV. Rankings will be updated each week and the top 3 athletes of each level will have their video submission featured on Varsity TV. 

Varsity TV is bringing you an inside look at how each submission will be scored!

Varsity All Star Level Legacy 2019 Scoring Rubric:

Each week, athletes can earn up to 20 points for the standing and running tumbling passes. The athletes with the highest cumulative score out of the 80 possible points at the end of the 4 weeks will earn the title of Level Legacy Champion!

Please note athletes may enter for only one level and remain with that level throughout the competition.

Criteria Guide

  • Appropriate Fluidity
  • Power/Speed
  • Control
  • Body Position

*Submissions with music will not be scored.

Weekly Scoring Breakdown


53.0 - 5.053.0 - 5.0
Total out of 10Total out of 10
Total = 20

If Substituting Any Skills


43.0 - 5.043.0 - 5.0
Total out of 9Total out of 9
Total = 18

Do you have what it takes to compete against the best in Varsity All Star Level Legacy 2019? Be sure to stay tuned to Varsity TV to view the first week of challenges starting on September 9th!

Joining The Challenge Is Easy!

Join Varsity TV now to join the journey to securing the title of Varsity All Star LEVEL LEGACY. The submission form will be posted here when the challenge begins and you'll be automatically prompted to login to your Varsity TV PRO account—that's it! There's no Level Legacy-specific registration required.

*Must be a current Varsity TV subscriber to participate in the Level Legacy Skills Challenge, please do not include music in your video submissions.

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