2017 The Cheer Alliance

2017 The Cheer Alliance

Dec 8, 2017

2017 The Cheer Alliance Results

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Play In Teams Advancing to Finals

Cheer Fusion AllstarsL5 Senior XSmallL5 Senior XSmall
Midwest XplosionL5 Senior SmallL5 Senior Small
The California All StarsLady BulletsL5 Senior Small
Rain AthleticsAquaL5 Senior Small
The California All Stars - CamarilloSmoedL5 Senior Coed - Small
Woodlands EliteReconL5 Senior Coed - Small
GymTyme All-StarsFeverL5 Senior Coed - Small
Twist & Shout EdmondObsessionL5 Senior Medium
Woodlands EliteG. I. JanesL5 Senior Medium
The California All StarsCali CoedL5 Senior Large Coed

Final Division Winners

Senior XSCheer Fusion Allstars
Senior SmallWoodlands Elite Generals
Senior Coed SmallBrandon All-Stars Senior Black
Senior MediumWoodlands Elite G.I. Janes
Senior Coed MediumWoodlands Elite Black Ops
Senior LargeCheer Athletics Panthers
Senior Coed LargeCheer Athletics Cheetahs

Overall Winners

Overall All Girl - Cheer Athletics Panthers
Overall Coed - Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

Grand Champion

Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

RankProgramTeam NameDivision Name
1East Celebrity EliteJunior 5L5 Junior
2ICEFrostL5 Junior

1The Stingray All Stars MariettaGreenL5 Junior CoEd
2Cheer ExtremeCrushL5 Junior CoEd
3World CupStarlitesL5 Junior CoEd

1Cheer AthleticsPanthersWorlds L5 Large Senior
2World CupShooting StarsWorlds L5 Large Senior
3Cheer ExtremeSenior EliteWorlds L5 Large Senior
4Maryland TwistersF5Worlds L5 Large Senior

1Cheer AthleticsCheetahsWorlds L5 Large Senior CoEd
2Top Gun All StarsTGLCWorlds L5 Large Senior CoEd
3Cheer ExtremeCoed EliteWorlds L5 Large Senior CoEd
3The California All StarsCali CoedWorlds L5 Large Senior CoEd

1Woodlands EliteGI JanesWorlds L5 Medium Senior
2Twist and ShoutObsessionWorlds L5 Medium Senior
3World CupSunsWorlds L5 Medium Senior
4East Celebrity EliteBombshellsWorlds L5 Medium Senior

1Woodlands EliteBlack OpsWorlds L5 Medium Senior CoEd
2The California All Stars - LivermoreBlack OpsWorlds L5 Medium Senior CoEd
3Maryland TwistersReignWorlds L5 Medium Senior CoEd
4The Stingray All Stars MariettaCobaltWorlds L5 Medium Senior CoEd

1Woodlands EliteGeneralsWorlds L5 Small Senior
2Cheer Extreme - RaleighSSXWorlds L5 Small Senior
3The California All StarsLady BulletsWorlds L5 Small Senior
4Rain AthleticsAquaWorlds L5 Small Senior
5ICELady LightningWorlds L5 Small Senior
6Midwest XplosionL5 SmallWorlds L5 Small Senior

1Brandon All-StarsSenior BlackWorlds L5 Small Senior CoEd
2ICEThunderWorlds L5 Small Senior CoEd
3Twist & Shout TulsaDiamondsWorlds L5 Small Senior CoEd
4The California All StarsSmoedWorlds L5 Small Senior CoEd
5Woodlands EliteReconWorlds L5 Small Senior CoEd
6GymTyme All-StarsFeverWorlds L5 Small Senior CoEd
7Maryland Twisters VirginiaBlackoutWorlds L5 Small Senior CoEd

1Cheer Fusion AllstarsL5 XSmallWorlds L5 Xtra Small Senior

Event Info
Welcome to the 2017 The Cheer Alliance event hub! Here you'll find the very best coverage of the competition including a live stream, the performance order, results, photos, articles, news, and more! For more event information, click here.
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