picture of 2018 NCA Senior & Junior High School National Championship

Completed, Jan 27-28, 2018

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Saturday, Jan. 27

Arena  — Coverage begins at 8:15 AM CT
A Hall — Coverage begins at 8 AM CT

Sunday, Jan. 28

Arena  — Coverage begins at 8:30 AM CT
A Hall — Coverage begins at 9 AM CT

Sunday Jan. 28 Arena


8:30 AMNovice Small High SchoolSt Anthony High School
8:33 AMNovice Medium High SchoolMonterey High School
8:39 AMNovice Small High SchoolSan Antonio Christian High School
8:42 AMNovice Medium High SchoolGlendale High School
8:45 AMNovice Large High SchoolGardner Edgerton High School
8:48 AMNovice Small High SchoolAmericas High School
8:51 AMNovice Medium High SchoolTaft High School
8:54 AMNovice Large High SchoolDel Rio High School
8:57 AMNovice Small High SchoolSeguin High School
9:00 AMNovice Medium High SchoolBishop McGuinness High School
9:03 AMNovice Large High SchoolNorth Forney High School
9:06 AMNovice Small High SchoolSouth San Antonio High School
9:09 AMNovice Medium High SchoolKaren Wagner High School
9:15 AMNovice Small High SchoolClark High School
9:18 AMNovice Medium High SchoolPutnam City High School
9:21 AMNovice Large High SchoolJohn Marshall High School
9:24 AMNovice Small High SchoolMoore High School
9:27 AMNovice Medium High SchoolBroomfield High School
9:30 AMNovice Large High SchoolDeer Creek High School
9:33 AMNovice Small High SchoolOakridge School
9:36 AMNovice Medium High SchoolPebble Hills High School
9:39 AMNovice Large High SchoolDeer Park High School
9:42 AMNovice Small High SchoolHarlandale High School
9:45 AMNovice Medium High SchoolPasadena Memorial High School
9:51 AMNovice Small High SchoolShadow Creek High School
9:54 AMNovice Medium High SchoolRyan High School
9:57 AMIntermediate Junior Varsity/FreshmenPennsbury High School
10:00 AMNovice Small High SchoolMontwood High School
10:03 AMNovice Medium High SchoolFriendswood High School
10:06 AMIntermediate Junior Varsity/FreshmenWaukee High School
10:09 AMNovice Small High SchoolJudson High School
10:12 AMNovice Medium High SchoolPutnam City North High School
10:15 AMIntermediate Junior Varsity/FreshmenBixby High School
10:18 AMNovice Small High SchoolClear Brook High School
10:21 AMNovice Medium High SchoolMustang High School
10:24 AMIntermediate Junior Varsity/FreshmenBroken Arrow High School
10:27 AMNovice Small High SchoolO.W. Holmes High School
10:30 AMNovice Medium High SchoolBrennan High School
10:33 AMIntermediate Junior Varsity/FreshmenJenks High School
10:36 AMNovice Small High SchoolArlington High School
10:42 AMNovice Small High SchoolTioga High School
10:45 AM
11:27 AMIntermediate Medium High SchoolLake Travis High School
11:30 AMIntermediate Large Game DayChatfield High School
11:33 AMIntermediate Small High SchoolAmericas High School
11:36 AMIntermediate Medium High SchoolSanta Fe High School
11:39 AMIntermediate Large Game DayCoal Ridge High School
11:42 AMIntermediate Small High SchoolKennedy Memorial High School
11:45 AMIntermediate Medium High SchoolWalter Panas High School
11:48 AMIntermediate Large Game DayLakeshore High School
11:51 AMIntermediate Small High SchoolProvidence High School
11:54 AMIntermediate Medium High SchoolSt Thomas Aquinas High School
11:57 AMIntermediate Large Game DayEdison High School
12:00 PMIntermediate Small High SchoolBoswell High School
12:03 PMIntermediate Medium High SchoolPage High School
12:06 PMIntermediate Large Game DayBartlesville High School
12:09 PMIntermediate Small High SchoolWilmington High School
12:12 PMIntermediate Medium High SchoolCedar Grove High School
12:15 PMIntermediate Large Game DayTuttle High School
12:18 PMIntermediate Small High SchoolMansfield Legacy High School
12:21 PMIntermediate Medium High SchoolArbor View High School
12:24 PMIntermediate Large Game DayRockwall-Heath High School
12:27 PMIntermediate Small High SchoolRobert Vela High School
12:30 PMIntermediate Medium High SchoolCharles Page High School
12:36 PMIntermediate Small High SchoolSouthmoore High School
12:39 PMIntermediate Medium High SchoolClear Falls High School
12:42 PMIntermediate Small Game DayWarren High School
12:45 PMIntermediate Small High SchoolMidway High School
12:48 PMIntermediate Medium High SchoolCanyon High School
12:51 PMIntermediate Small Game DayAurora High School
12:54 PMIntermediate Small High SchoolWarren High School
12:57 PMIntermediate Medium High SchoolYukon High School
1:00 PMIntermediate Small Game DayClear Lake High School
1:03 PMIntermediate Small High SchoolClear Springs High School
1:06 PMIntermediate Medium High SchoolBillerica Memorial High School
1:09 PMIntermediate Small Game DayPlano East Senior High School
1:12 PM
1:54 PMIntermediate Medium High SchoolGrapevine High School
1:57 PMIntermediate Small Game DayCypress Falls High School
2:00 PMIntermediate Non-TumblingFleetwood High School
2:03 PMIntermediate Medium High SchoolBrandeis High School
2:06 PMIntermediate Small Game DayKetcham High School
2:09 PMIntermediate Non-TumblingBurges High School
2:12 PMIntermediate Medium High SchoolFort Osage High School
2:15 PMIntermediate Small Game DayEast Jefferson High School
2:18 PMIntermediate Non-TumblingAcademy of Our Lady
2:21 PMIntermediate Medium High SchoolJohn B. Alexander High School
2:24 PMIntermediate Small Game DayThe Colony High School
2:27 PMIntermediate Non-TumblingAlexandria Senior High School
2:30 PMIntermediate CoedJames Martin High School
2:33 PMIntermediate Small Game DayWoodbridge High School
2:36 PMIntermediate Non-TumblingRuston High School
2:39 PMIntermediate CoedAzle High School
2:42 PMIntermediate Small Game DayCanyon Lake High School
2:45 PMIntermediate Non-TumblingManvel High School
2:48 PMIntermediate CoedHendrickson High School
2:51 PMIntermediate Small Game DayGreen Valley High School
2:54 PMIntermediate Non-TumblingJohn Jay High School
2:57 PMIntermediate CoedHutto High School
3:00 PMIntermediate Small Game DayBishop McGuinness High School
3:03 PMIntermediate Non-TumblingJohn Paul Stevens High School
3:06 PMIntermediate CoedCentral Catholic High School
3:09 PMIntermediate Small Game DaySoddy Daisy High School
3:12 PMIntermediate Non-TumblingLyndon B Johnson High School
3:15 PMIntermediate CoedEdinburg High School
3:18 PM
4:06 PMAdvanced Junior High/Middle SchoolDestin Middle At Regatta
4:09 PMIntermediate Large High SchoolHendrick Hudson High School
4:12 PMAdvanced Small High SchoolLewis Central High School
4:15 PMAdvanced Junior High/Middle SchoolUnited Middle School
4:18 PMIntermediate Large High SchoolClarkstown North High School
4:21 PMAdvanced Small High SchoolCrown Point High School
4:24 PMAdvanced Junior High/Middle SchoolOwasso 8th Grade Center
4:27 PMIntermediate Large High SchoolCentennial High School
4:30 PMAdvanced Small High SchoolFernandina Beach High School
4:33 PMAdvanced Junior High/Middle SchoolDeer Creek Middle School
4:36 PMIntermediate Large High SchoolOlathe Northwest High School
4:39 PMAdvanced Small High SchoolWhitman-Hanson Regional High School
4:42 PMAdvanced Recreation CheerThunder Youth Spirit Revolution
4:45 PMIntermediate Large High SchoolO'Connor High School
4:48 PMAdvanced Small High SchoolHeritage Hall High School
4:51 PMIntermediate OpenWhite Bear Lake Area High School
4:54 PMIntermediate Large High SchoolMansfield High School
4:57 PMAdvanced Small High SchoolJohnston High School
5:00 PMIntermediate OpenPass Christian High School
5:03 PMIntermediate Large High SchoolBlue Valley High School
5:06 PMAdvanced Small High SchoolMoanalua High School
5:09 PMIntermediate OpenParamus Catholic High School
5:12 PMAdvanced Non TumblingNotre Dame De Sion High School
5:18 PMIntermediate OpenFriendswood High School
5:21 PMAdvanced Non TumblingWhitehaven High School
5:24 PMAdvanced OpenNorth Rockland High School
5:27 PMIntermediate OpenCommunity Christian High School
5:30 PMAdvanced Non TumblingUnited South High School
5:33 PMAdvanced OpenPrestonwood Christian Academy
5:36 PMIntermediate OpenHoly Cross High School
5:39 PM
6:24 PMAdvanced Large CoedWalden Grove High School
6:27 PMAdvanced Small Game DayBoulder High School
6:30 PMAdvanced Large High SchoolClaremore High School
6:33 PMAdvanced Large CoedSmithson Valley High School
6:36 PMAdvanced Small Game DayNorthglenn High School
6:39 PMAdvanced Large High SchoolTimber Creek High School
6:42 PMAdvanced Large CoedWoodward High School
6:45 PMAdvanced Small Game DayPacific High School
6:48 PMAdvanced Large High SchoolSt John Vianney High School
6:51 PMAdvanced Large CoedSpring Valley High School
6:54 PMAdvanced Small Game DayPlano West Senior High School
6:57 PMAdvanced Large High SchoolWaukee High School
7:00 PMAdvanced Large CoedMilford High School
7:03 PMAdvanced Small Game DayTulsa Union High School
7:09 PMAdvanced Large CoedOwasso High School
7:12 PMAdvanced Small Game DayChoctaw High School
7:15 PMAdvanced Medium High SchoolMasconomet High School
7:18 PMAdvanced Large CoedWestmoore High School
7:24 PMAdvanced Medium High SchoolNorth Reading High School
7:27 PMAdvanced Small CoedNew Albany High School
7:30 PMAdvanced Large Game DayRepublic High School
7:33 PMAdvanced Medium High SchoolPalo Verde High School
7:36 PMAdvanced Small CoedClark High School
7:39 PMAdvanced Large Game DayUpper Perkiomen High School
7:42 PMAdvanced Medium High SchoolWolcott High School
7:45 PMAdvanced Small CoedMethuen High School
7:48 PMAdvanced Large Game DayDoherty High School
7:51 PMAdvanced Medium High SchoolJenks High School
7:54 PMAdvanced Small CoedValley High School
7:57 PMAdvanced Large Game DayPennsbury High School
8:00 PMAdvanced Medium High SchoolDracut High School
8:03 PMAdvanced Small CoedNatick High School
8:06 PMAdvanced Large Game DayBrandon High School
8:09 PMAdvanced Medium High SchoolBridgewater Raynham Regional High School
8:12 PMAdvanced Small CoedMoore High School
8:15 PMAdvanced Large Game DaySheridan High School
8:18 PMAdvanced Medium High SchoolBixby High School
8:21 PMAdvanced Small CoedAntonian High School


Sunday Jan. 28 A Hall


9:00 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolLos Obispos Middle School
9:03 AMNovice Large Junior High/Middle SchoolMeyerland Middle School
9:06 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolKeller Middle School
9:10 AMNovice Large Junior High/Middle SchoolDel Rio Middle School
9:13 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolNimitz Middle School
9:16 AMNovice Large Junior High/Middle SchoolJenks Middle School
9:20 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolMission Junior High School
9:23 AMNovice Large Junior High/Middle SchoolLamar Bruni Vergara Middle School
9:26 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolGrapevine Middle School
9:30 AMNovice Large Junior High/Middle SchoolCross Timbers Middle School
9:33 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolDeer Creek Middle School
9:36 AMNovice Large Junior High/Middle SchoolM.B. Lamar Middle School
9:40 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolCarl Albert Middle School
9:43 AMNovice Large Junior High/Middle SchoolFarley Middle School
9:46 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolHeritage Hall Middle School
9:53 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolBroken Arrow Junior High School
9:56 AMNovice Large Junior High/Middle SchoolHutto Middle School
10:00 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolHighland West Junior High School
10:03 AMNovice Large Junior High/Middle SchoolHeritage Middle School
10:06 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolWilliams Middle School
10:10 AMNovice Large Junior High/Middle SchoolWashington Middle School
10:13 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolHighland East Junior High School
10:16 AMNovice Large Junior High/Middle SchoolBixby Junior High School
10:20 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolSmithson Valley Middle School
10:23 AMNovice Large Junior High/Middle SchoolFriendswood Junior High School
10:26 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolSanta Fe Junior High School
10:33 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolUnited South Middle School
10:36 AMNovice Junior Varsity/FreshmenParamus Catholic High School
10:40 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolSpring Branch Middle School
10:43 AMNovice Junior Varsity/FreshmenVines High School
10:46 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolIDEA Monterrey Park
10:50 AMNovice Junior Varsity/FreshmenClear Lake High School
10:53 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolEdinburg South Junior High School
10:56 AMNovice Junior Varsity/FreshmenHutto High School
11:00 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolMount Sacred Heart School
11:03 AMNovice Junior Varsity/FreshmenWestmoore High School
11:06 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolBarrientes Middle School
11:10 AMNovice Junior Varsity/FreshmenHarlan High School
11:13 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolHarlandale Middle School
11:16 AMNovice Junior Varsity/FreshmenTimber Creek High School
11:20 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolBrink Junior High School
11:23 AMNovice Junior Varsity/FreshmenEdinburg High School
11:26 AMNovice Small Junior High/Middle SchoolTioga Junior High School
12:00 PMIntermediate Junior High/Middle SchoolTrinity Springs Middle School
12:03 PMNovice Junior Varsity/FreshmenFriendswood High School
12:06 PMIntermediate Junior High/Middle SchoolCrosby Middle School
12:10 PMNovice Junior Varsity/FreshmenClear Springs High School
12:13 PMIntermediate Junior High/Middle SchoolTimberview Middle School
12:16 PMNovice Junior Varsity/FreshmenClear Creek High School
12:20 PMIntermediate Junior High/Middle SchoolPineville Junior High School
12:26 PMIntermediate Junior High/Middle SchoolSouthridge Junior High School
12:30 PMNovice ElementaryBorchers Elementary School
12:33 PMIntermediate Junior High/Middle SchoolCadwallader Middle School
12:36 PMNovice ElementaryMorrill Elementary
12:40 PMIntermediate Junior High/Middle SchoolTrautmann Middle School