2021 The MAJORS

2021 The MAJORS

Jan 16, 2021

Virtual Championship Timeline

Friday, January 15th

Show begins at 6 PM CT! You can view all team performance times in the searchable schedule below.

Live Stream Broadcast: Camera Angles & Audio 

We're so excited to bring you an incredible night of LIVE cheerleading from 9 locations across the nation! This event and its broadcast will be different than years past. The camera angles at each of the 9 live streaming locations will vary depending on the space available at each venue/gym. 

Additionally, several locations do not have the equipment to run the sound directly to the live stream like we typically do at events. In order to keep it consistent and fair across the board, all teams will be performing with ambient music on the live stream, including the teams performing from Spirit of Hope & JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals.

Direct audio feeds will be available for Spirit of Hope & JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals on both Saturday and Sunday. 

Searchable Schedule

Event Info
Welcome to the 2021 The MAJORS event hub! This season might look a little different, but the 26 Senior Level 6 teams participating in The MAJORS will still be competing live from locations all around the nation.
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