2022 REBROADCAST: UDA National Dance Team Champs

2022 REBROADCAST: UDA National Dance Team Champs

Feb 5-7, 2022

Rebroadcast Schedule

*This is a 24-hour delayed rebroadcast of the 2022 UDA National Dance Team Championship. If you are looking for the real-time, live feed of the event, click here.

Saturday, February 5th

Sunday, February 6th

Monday, February 7th

*Schedule is subject to change.

Saturday Performance Order - Field House

Saturday Performance Order - Visa Athletic Center

Saturday Performance Order - Arena East (Blue)

Saturday  Performance Order - Arena West (Green)

Sunday Performance Order - Field House

Sunday Performance Order - Visa Athletic Center

Sunday Performance Order - Arena East (Blue)

Sunday Performance Order - Arena West (Green)

Monday Performance Order - Field House

Monday Performance Order - Arena East (Blue)

Monday Performance Order - Arena West (Green)

Event Info
Watch the 24-hour delayed REBROADCAST of the 2022 UDA National Dance Team Championship! Every performance will be available to watch again with sound for premium subscribers on February 5-7th!
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